LCD Soundsystem's new album, American Dream, is out September 1, and while we've had the tracklist for some time, they hadn't shared the cover art...till now. The above art just showed up as the artwork on digital retailers like iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. The very simple layout and design has some on Twitter wondering if it might be a placeholder, but the font and sky imagery are consistent with the band's tour poster, as well as the new DFA Records twitter avatar (which changed this week). It's also reminiscent of James Murphy's tie-dyed t-shirts he's been wearing at most shows. (Some think it might be an Infinite Jest homage.) It's also in the press release we just got. It's the cover.

Some things look much better as a physical album cover than an optimized-for-web image, but it's definitely not what I would've expected. What do you think?