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MORNE (members of Grief)

Influential doomers Grief are back from the dead! This time, the band have lined up a show in Baltimore (@ The Nowarehouse on 10/24) and Philly (@ The Khyber Pass on 10/25 with Black Cobra) in preparation for a European tour with the mighty Trap Them (European tour dates forthcoming). Meanwhile, guitarist/vocalist Jeff Hayward (formerly of the equally menacing Disrupt) is touring with his new band, the oh-so-crusty Morne, who are poised to attack the east coast and as far as Minneapolis during a ten-city tour (dates below) including one date at Cake Shop on Sept 28th with Attake, Cop On Fire, and Lost Cause. Morne will be promoting their recently released demo (out now) and the band was kind enough to drop a taste here! Check out "Machine" downloadable above, and check them out on tour.

Earth have added a few shows including a date at Columbia University (10/17), another at Wesleyan University (10/18), and a date at Union Pool (10/14), in addition to the previously announced date at the Knitting Factory with Arbouretum (10/19, tickets here).

From The Nursery Records, current home of locals Orphan, will drop 12" of Melvins tracks recorded during the Nude With Boots sessions. Look for it hopefully by the end of this year.

Jarboe, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hammers of Misfortune, Nachtmystium, Hellshock, Landmine Marathon and more below...

Hey Colossus is currently working on a follow up to Happy Birthday, in addition to their upcoming split 7" with Tractor. For the unfamiliar, these Londoners play a ultra-heavy experimental sludge-doom that is as comfortable with the thunder as it is with the Their latest testament to discontent, Happy Birthday is on Riot Season (pick it up here), and the band have hooked us up with "Tight Collar" available for download above!

Hey Colossus - I Am The Chiswick Strangler LIVE

Hammers Of Misfortune have posted a pair of new MP3s, one from each of their upcoming albums (Fields / Church Of Broken Glass) for Profound Lore / 20 Buck Spin. Check 'em out and download above!

Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan on the rumored departure of new drummer Gil Sharone:

"He didn't leave and we didn't kick him out. He will be busy, though, working with his other band (Stolen Babies) a lot over the next year, so I am talking to other dudes both for Dillinger possibilities and just for me to play with on other creative projects. We still may be touring and writing with Gil, though. Kinda in the air. No big drama though or anything."

So, I guess that means maybe he isn't not out of the band, perhaps? Reportedly dummers Marco Minneman (Ephel Duath, Necrophagist) and Raanen Bozzio have been named as possible replacements, should one be needed.

The scariest (Jarboe) photo ever?
As we reported back in March, Jarboe has an album on the way with co-conspirators Attila Csihar, Phil Anselmo, Josh Graham, and host of others. Mahakali, named after the mythical Indian goddess of death and destruction, is due on Oct 14th via The End. Check out the cover art here and scoot on over to The End's myspace to sample "The House Of Void". Color me stizoked.

Bongzilla (with Dixie Dave Collins of Weedeater and ex-Buzzov*en & Sourvein fame) have reformed to play a one off gig in Madison, Wisconsin on 9/20 at the Forward Festival with fellow reformed Madison-ians Killdozer. (Thanks Bessie!)

Landmine Marathon's cover Art for Rusted Eyes Awake. The vinyl for the Landmine Marathon / Scarecrow split drops next week.

Rusted Eyes Awake

Pouring salt into an gaping wound, Nachmystium announced that they are also on board for the Chicago Nifelheim date. The Nifelheim show precedes their appearances with Opeth and High On Fire, as well as newly announced dates with Wolves In The Throne Room. Wolves In The Throne Room is currently on the hunt for a bassist. Will Lindsay of WITTR's other band, Middian, has dissolved but his Middian bandmate Mike Scheidt has reunited with Yob.

If you missed the mighty Harvey Milk when they played Europa and the Knitting Factory, you may be in luck. A little birdie told me that "da Milk" are scheduling another date in the five boroughs before the end of the year.

Saviours have added a new guitarist, Sonny Reinhardt of Watch Them Die. The band is currently working on their follow-up to Into Abbadon, due in 2009. Check out video of a recent set they did at Amoeba Music.

Finnish black metallers Horna have announced the Blood Fire Death Tour (sounds tempting so far!) of the US with Blood Stained Dusk and Azrael. So far none of the venues have been booked, so view this as a tenative schedule (I'll report back the fo' real sched when it happens) but their itinerary includes on date in NYC on 11/16. We'll keep you posted. Another band with a currently tentative tour schedule, Today is The Day, have announced a string of tour dates, including NYC on Nov 5th. Keep your schedule clear.

ASRA have lined up a show with fellow local grinders Dissasociate, Defeatist and Baltimore's Triac at ABC No Rio on Nov 15.

Cover Art for Cynic's new record, Traced In Air

If you missed it, Grails have a new album on the way. Check out "Reincarnation Blues" available for download above!

Speaking of Atakke, the band will hit the Knitting Factory on Nov 2nd supporting thrashy crusters Hellshock. Tickets are on sale. November 2nd marks five years since Hellshock swung through the tri-state, and the band have tacked on a few additional east coast dates as well. Full tour schedule below, check out the flyer for the show here.

Metallica's "The Day That Never Comes" Music

Metallica tickets are currently on presale for their upcoming shows.

Toxic Holocaust - An Overdose Of Death: If you can get past some of the ridiculous lyrics, this is quite possibly the best of the new wave of thrash records to drop this year.
Sigh - A Tribute To Venom: If you are a fan of either Venom or Sigh, this limited edition EP is worth a look just for the reimagination of the classic Venom tracks. More interesting than your average covers record.
Khold - Hundre Ar Gammal: Groovy Celtic-Frost style black metal. My only complaint is the vocal levels seem too high in the mix (might be less of a complaint if I could understand Norwegian).

- The Red Chord gave guitarist Mike Keller the boot.
- Misery Index are streaming a second track, "Ghosts of Catalonia", from their upcoming Traitors.
- The new Across Tundras disc has been delayed until Oct 8th due to "circumstances out of our control".
- Soulfly is hitting the road in the USA and a few dates have trickled out so far, including Nov 14th at the Blender (tickets on sale 9/12 at noon). Full tour listing so far below.
- Amenra is currently booking a tour of the East Coast in Feb of 2009, including two tenative dates in NYC.
- Krallice are playing with Lightning Bolt and (the recently added) Growing.
- Decrepit Birth have scheduled a single date with The Faceless, Abigail Williams, Neuraxis, and Veil of Maya at the Blender Theater on on Oct 27th. Tickets are on sale.
- Destruction is currently streaming the title track from album, D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N..
- Orange Goblin signed on with Candlelight Records.
- Spylacopa posted a new track to their myspace. Spylacopa is John LaMacchia (Candiria), Jeff Caxide (Isis), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Julie Christmas (Made Out Of Babies, Battle Of Mice).
- Lambgoat interviewed Alex Skolnick of Testament.
- Translation Loss is currently taking pre-orders for Rosetta's Wake/Lift on vinyl and Cable's CD reissue of Variable Speed Drive.
- Zimmer's Hole have dropped off of the Sigh & Unexpect tour due to immigration issues.
- The Haunted posted an e-card for their upcoming record Versus. Check it out here.
- Check out Witchcraft preforming "No Angel or Demon" acoustically here.
-Graveyard was interviewed by Crustcake.
- InvisibleOranges interviewed Martin Van Drunen of Hail of Bullets.
- Check out a batch of live photos from Immortal's performance at the Shadow club in Moscow, Russia on Aug 29th
- From A Second Story Window are no more.
- Animosity have posted their remix album with Drumcorps for free download here.

19 Sep 2008 Valentine's, Albany, New York
20 Sep 2008 TBA, Buffalo, New York with Trystero
21 Sep 2008 Tower 2012, Cleveland, Ohio
22 Sep 2008 Stan's Place, Madison, Wisconsin
23 Sep 2008 Bedlam, Minneapolis, Minnesota with WAR//PLAGUE and Bastard Sons of Bukowski
24 Sep 2008 TBA. Chicago, Illinois w Expendable Youth, Securicor
25 Sep 2008 KOPEC'S Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Wrathcobra and Slices
26 Sep 2008 Artists Underground Cafe, Richmond, Virginia with Lost Cause and SSR
27 Sep 2008 TBA, Philly, Pennsylvania with LOST CAUSE,ALEDRIVER, THE YOUNG
28 Sep 2008 The Cake Shop NYC, New York with Atakke ,Cop On Fire,Lost Cause

November 2 - Knitting Factory, New York, NY*
November 3 - Wheelchair Warehouse, Worcester, Massachusetts*
November 4 - Sachson's, Waterbury, Connecticut*
November 5 - TBA, Providence, Rhode Island
November 8 - A Varning From Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
* w/ Estranged, Attake, Parasytic
** w/D.S.B.,A.T.B., Estrange

EARTH - UPDATED 2008 TOUR DATES September 18 - The Artistry, Portland, Oregon*
September 19 - VERA Project Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington**
September 20 - Department Of Safety , Anacortes^^
September 23 - Showbox Sodo, Seattle, Washington***
September 24 - Showbox Sodo, Seattle, Washington***
October 11 - Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
October 12 - Time of Rivers Festival, Portland, Maine
October 13 - Great Scott, Allston, Massachusetts^
October 14 - Union Pool, Brooklyn, New York
October 15 - The Sterling Hotel, Allentown, Pennsylvania
October 16 - the First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA +
October 17 - Columbia University, New York, New York
October 18 - Wesleyan University, New Haven, Connecticut
October 19 - Knitting Factory, New York, New York^
* with Stebmo, Tara Jane O'neil
** with Stebmo, Triumph of Lethargy
*** with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
^ with Arbouretum
^^ with Stebmo
+ with sunn 0))) & Thou

September 29 Sport Arena, Odessa
October 1 B1 Club, Moscow
October 3 Sport Arena Trud, Irkutsk, Siberia
October 5 Gavana Club, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia
October 6 Rock City, Novosibirsk, Siberia
October 7 XL Club, Omsk, Siberia
November 9 Culture Room, Ft Lauderdale, FL
November 14 Blender Gramercy Theater, New York, NY
November 16 Crocodile Rock, Allentown, PA
November 17 Rex Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
November 21 Pearl Room, Mokena, IL

09/07/2008 Double Door - Chicago, IL*
09/16/2008 The Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY**
09/17/2008 Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA**
09/18/2008 Nokia Theatre - New York, NY**
09/19/2008 The Palladium - Worcester, MA**
09/20/2008 Theatre Imperial - Quebec City, QC**
09/21/2008 Centennial Hall - London, ON**
09/23/2008 House of Blues - Cleveland, OH**
09/24/2008 House of Blues - Chicago, IL**
09/25/2008 The Orbit Room - Grand Rapids, MI**
09/26/2008 The Rave - Milwaukee, WI**
09/27/2008 Myth - St. Paul, MN**
09/29/2008 The Garrick Center - Winnipeg, MB**
09/30/2008 Odeon Events Centre - Saskatoon, SK**
10/01/2008 Edmonton Events Centre - Edmonton, AB**
10/03/2008 Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC**
10/04/2008 Showbox @ The Market - Seattle, WA**
10/10/2008 Berbati's Pan - Portland, OR***
10/11/2008 Stillwater - Ashland, CA***
10/12/2008 Metro - Oakland, CA***
10/14/2008 The Phix - Phoenix AZ***
10/17/2008 Red 7 - Austin, TX***
10/18/2008 Rubbergloves Rehearsal - Denton, TX***
10/19/2008 The Marquee - Tulsa, OK***
10/20/2008 The Riot Room - Kansas City, MO***
10/21/2008 The Picador - Iowa City, IA***
10/23/2008 Uncle Pleasant's - Louisville, KY***
10/24/2008 Mac's Bar - Lansing, MI***
10/25/2008 Reggie's - Chicago, IL***
11/29/2008 Gunfest - Oslo, Norway***
*w/Nifelheim, The Chasm, Superchrist
**w/Opeth, High on Fire
*** w/Wolves In The Throne Room

October 31 San Francisco, California
November 1 Los Angeles, California
November 2 San Marcos, California
November 3 Las Vegas, Nevada
November 4 Salt Lake City, Utah
November 5 Denver, Colorado
November 7 San Antonio, Texas
November 8 Houston, Texas
November 9 New Orleans, Louisiana
November 11 Fort Lauderdale, Florida*
November 12 Jacksonville, Florida*
November 13 Atlanta, Georgia*
November 14 Winston Salem, North Carolina
November 15 Springfield, Virginia
November 16 New York City, New York
November 18 Chicago, Illinois
November 19 Minneapolis, Minnesota
November 21 Seattle, Washington
November 22 Portland, Oregon
*w /Kult Ov Azazel

TODAY IS THE DAY - 2008 TOUR DATES (Tentative)
November 1 - Atlanta, Georgia
November 2 - Wilmington, North Carolina
November 3 - Richmond, Virginia
November 4 - Baltimore, Maryland
November 5 - New york, New York
November 6 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 7 - Boston, Massachusetts
November 8 - Danbury, Connecticut
November 9 - Montreal, Quebec
November 10 - Toronto, Ontario
November 11 - Rochester, New York
November 12 - Cleveland, Ohio
November 13 - Detroit, Michigan
November 14 - Lansing, Michigan
November 15 - Minneapolis, MInnesota
November 16 - Chicago, Illinois
November 18 - St Louis, Missouri
November 19 - Little Rock, Arkansas
November 20 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
November 21 - Fayetteville, Arkansas
November 22 - Nashville, Tennessee

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