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Hmm.... who's guitar rig could this be?
Guitar rig

In his own special way, Stephen O'Malley dropped a bunch of news on his upcoming projects via a detailed discography. SOMA posted the following unreleased, unannounced records:

Che (SUNN O))) & Pan Sonic do a Suicide cover, pic 10" 2009)
Dimensions (TBA) (2xCD & 2xLP 2009)

Faking Gold & Murder (CD & LP 2008)

Clean Hands Go Foul (LP & Picture Disc 2008, CD & CD Japan 2009)

So, TWO new sunn o))) records, a Khanate, AND an Æthenor record! We knew that sunn 0))) was working on a new record, but a quick search turned up that Blast First (Petite) will drop that sunn 0))) and Pan Sonic pic 10". On further review, Æthenor's website reveals the following:

David Tibet sings and contributes lyrics on the forthcoming Æthenor album; other guests are Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver) and long time Æthenor collaborator Alexander Tucker [who just played ATP].

Tentatively titled 'Faking Gold and Murder' from a line in the text, Æthenor is the project of Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley, Vincent de Roguin (Shora) and Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo)

Most importantly though, what the hell is that Khanate record Clean Hands Go Foul?!? Stephen O'Malley had this to say:

The long lost 4th KHANATE album Clean Hands Go Foul will finally emerge later this year. This was recorded directly after the Capture & Release album at Bisi Studio Brooklyn February 2005.

James Plotkin, bassist for Khanate, posted one unreleased song excerpt to his website, "Wings From Spine" which is downloadable above. Will "Wings" appear on Clean Hands Go Foul? Who knows, but in the meantime prepare for the thundering evil doom of the mighty Khanate! On a related note, Plotkin's Khlyst, is taking orders for Chaos Live, a multicamera live DVD shot at Hydra Head's CMJ show in 2006. While you're there, pick up Boris's limited-to-1000 Floorshaker 12".

Mastodon's Brent Hinds had a little run-in with King Khan over the weekend, and while we have heard King Khan's side of the story, ridiculous pictures included, we haven't heard a peep from Brent Hinds. My thoughts echo that of one astute Blabbermouth reader: "The real victim here is the beer". Brann Dailor of Mastodon was recently interviewed by Metal Injection.

Justin Broadrick (Jesu, ex-Godflesh) dropped a bombshell of sorts.... a new project, Grey Machine, featuring Aaron Turner (Isis), Diarmuid Dalton (Jesu), and Dave Cochrane (Transitional)! From the upcoming album Disconnected, the band posted "Vultures Rise" available for download above!

Crom is back on the west coast, but evidence from their east coast killing spree is popping up all over the net. Check out pics from their show in Worcester, MA at Return To The Pit, an interview with a shirtless Crom at Vice magazine, as well as audio (and video below) from their appearance at WFMU.

Crom Live at WFMU, Mayhem, Amon Amarth, Baroness, Tweak Bird, Bison BC and more below.....

Crom - "Zamora" Live @ WFMU

Isn't it great how some of the best records just come out of nowhere? Bison B.C.'s new one, Quiet Earth, is one of those records, due on Sept 30th on Metal Blade. The band (formerly known as Bison) launched a tour blog to document their current trek with through the Great White North with the mighty Baroness & Genghis Tron before swooping down to the US of A for a little quality time in NYC at The Metal Blade/Lifeforce/Relapse CMJ Showcase. The showcase, held at Knitting Factory on Oct 23rd will also feature performances by Psyopus, Tombs, Left to Vanish, and This or the Apocalypse. Last week, Bison B.C. was inteviewed for "The Metal File" for Canadian station CHOM-FM. Download it here. Speaking of Baroness, the band announced the departure of guitarist Brian Blickle (to law school!) and the arrival of Peter Adams (Valkyrie). Both Baroness (here) and Bison BC (here) were interviewed by

The (not-so) pleasant suprises continue with Millions, an Am-Rep-style punk-metal quartet featuring ex-Small Brown Bike guitarist and Seventh Rule label owner Scott Flaster. The band recently dropped the Telephone Game EP (pick it up now at their website), and are expecting to drop a full-length in 2009 featuring "Lest The Professor Catches Fire", available for download above! Millions played last night with Goes Cube, Tiger Flowers, Wetnurse at the Invisible City record release party and are up for tonight at The Charleston with Black Anvil.

Outlaw Order

Outlaw Order, the project featuring past and present members of Eyehategod, Soilent Green, and Hawg Jaw, have announced the release date for their new album, Dragging Down the Enforcer, November 11th via Season Of Mist. In related Louisiana and Soilent Green news, Goatwhore, also featuring members of Acid Bath and Crowbar are currently writing for their new album.

Continuing with the Lousiana theme, Thou announced the release of a new 45 rpm 12" EP The Retaliation of the Immutable Force of Nature on Gilead Media. Including two 10+ minute tracks off the end of the Tyrant CD that couldn't fit on the LP, it comes in extremely limited numbers, so pick it up at their shows, including their upcoming dates with sunn 0))). Tickets are still available to their show at Knitting Factory on 10/15.

Amon Amarth's "Twilight Of The Thunder God" video from the album of the same name.

Orphan may be the new kid in class, but that kid has no problem with holding you by the neck and kicking your teeth in. The band recently dropped their debut... the thrashy, trashy, Melvins-y LP, Aborted By Birth, via From The Nursery Records on a limited run of 666 (seriously) white vinyl copies with a cover designed by reknowned artist David Ratcliff. Orphan is streaming two tracks from Aborted By Birth at their myspace, but also check out "Bogman", available for download above! Pick up the record at Aquarius Records.

The reunited Pestilence will enter the studio in mid-October to begin recording its new album, Resurrection Macabre, for release in 2009! The band will record fourteen songs... eleven new tracks and three re-recorded Pestlience tracks chosen by fans at their site (voting ends October 10, 2008).

Black Ships are currently on a US tour to promote their monster LP, Omens, that will swing through NYC on Oct 4th at ABC No Rio (day) and The Boneyard (night). Full tour dates are down below.

Toxic Holocaust - "Wild Dogs"

Last week we talked about Battlefields and their current progress on the new record. Now comes word that the band has signed to Translation Loss! Congrats guys!

The Infernus fronted Gorgoroth (yeah, I know... it's ridiculous) announced the re-addition of former guitarist Tormentor to the previously announced lineup of Tomas Asklund (Dissection) and Frank Watkins (Obituary).

Nachtmystium may have dropped off the previously mentioned Opeth / High On Fire tour, but is still on for their tour with Wolves In The Throne Room. Sigh... In related news, the band will drop the vinyl version of the Worldfall EP via subscription service Mexican Summer.

Early Man are streaming "Sinking The Blade" from the upcoming Jack Endino produced Beware The Circling Fin, due on The End on 10/14. The band has also released more details on the EP here.

Pure Fucking Mayhem DVD Cover

Pure Fucking Mayhem, a documentary of the legendary and controversial black metal bandMayhem that focuses on the band's inception to 1993, will finally see the light of day when it hits store shelves on DVD in November via Index Verlag. Don't feel like shelling out for it? You can view part 1 here and part 2 here, but no word on what additional features the DVD will have. Meanwhile, the band added a few South American dates, so check 'em out down below, and check back with us as we break news about their upcoming US tour!

You know those Today is The Day dates that we talked about? Well, details have been announced, including the fact that the band will tour with the mighty Weedeater! The NYC date on Nov 5th, is scheduled for The Knitting Factory (ticket info unavailable).

Big Business posted "The Drift" a new song from their Tour III EP featuring new recruit Toshi Kasai

Church Of Misery have announced a new EP, Denis Nilsen, due on Kult of Nihilow next month (date unconfirmed) via limited pressing of 500 12-inches.

Paul Masvidal of Cynic sat down with Abort Magazine. Cynic's new album, Traced In Air is due on Season Of Mist on Oct 28th.

Manic (ex-Mayhem, Skitliv) has formed Nova Express with fiancée Vivian Slaughter (Gallhammer) and Ingvar Magnusson (Skitliv). The band is described as "noise/darkwave/ambient".

NYHC kingpins Madball were announced as the co-conspirators for the previously announced Suicidal Tendencies tour. Tickets are on sale.

Tombs announced a show on Dec 20th at Union Pool with Doomriders! The band also has a split with Planks out on Mike Hill's Black Box Recordings. Pick it up here.

Tweak Bird is preparing to tour with the mighty Valient Thorr, though no NYC dates have materialized. Full tour sched is below.

Possessed legend Jeff Becerra has fallen ill. During their recent World tour, a pressure sore became infected and spread to his bones, rendering him immobile. Rushed to a Helsinki hospital, Becerra was eventually flown to Los Angeles where he spent nearly 20 days in a hospital. Jeff is now resting in his family's care, but well wishers can contact him at:

Jeff Becerra
c/o Dark Realm Records
8210 Firestone Blvd,
Downey, CA 90241

Get well soon.

Blacklisted announced a massive tour that will kick off in Japan and work it's way back to the US from coast to coast, including a date at the Knitting Factory with Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, and New Lows on November 17th. Tickets are on sale.

Vision Of Disorder have released more details on their live DVD, Dead In New York including the cover (below) and a snippet viewable here.


Christ Beheaded, the new black metal project featurig members of The Gates Of Slumber and Demiricous, will Open The Gates Of Hell (the EP that is) on October 14. The band is streaming songs from that EP at their myspace.

The Austerity Program have lined up a show with Goes Cube, Crackula & Batillus on Oct 4th at The Bell House.

Russian Circles and These Arms Are Snakes are teaming up and hitting the road in Europe, after which Russian will circle (rimshot!) back to the US for a few dates with Clutch, including one at Starland Ballroom in Sayerville NJ on Dec 27th.

Black Cobra are hitting the road next week for a tour that will see them share the stage with The Sword, Genghis Tron, Stinking Lizaveta, Grief, Sourvein, and even the above mentioned Weedeater / Today Is The Day tour. The band has also lined up solo dates including one at The Charleston on Oct 26th. Full tour dates are below.

Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God: In classic Amon Amarth style, this is a simple, melodic, well-executed straight-forward death metal record that sits comfortably next to their entire catalog.
Bison BC - Quiet Earth: If Mastodon got punkier and borrowed a few riffs from Matt Pike, it might sound alot like this surprisingly great record.
Sourvein - Imperial Bastard: Simple, pissed off angry 5 MPH doom that swims in the murky waters of Eyehategod or Buzzov*en. Decent stuff... it'll tide us over until the full-length.
Capricorns - River Bear Your Bones: With equal parts finesse, bludgeoning and intropection, the instrumental Capricorns have pulled off the best record yet. Reccommended for fans of Pelican, Isis, Red Sparowes, Russian Circles, the like.
Adai - ...I Carry - Similar to Capricorns, Adai also practice a strand of instrumental post-metal and although they show flashes of genius, in the end ...I Carry is a smidge above a genre exercise.
Impiety - Dominator - A short but crushing new EP from these Singapore natives. Nothing new, but enought to sate your black metal tastes for a week or so.

- Jacob Bannon of Converge was interviewed by
- SSS are streaming a new song "Can't Burst The Bubble" from the upcoming The Dividing Line to their myspace.
- The End Records is offering a sampler featuring tracks by Made Out Of Babies, Nadja, Ulver, Dissection, and many others. Download it here.
- Enslaved are streaming their new album, Vertebrae (due in the US on Oct 28th), in it's entirety.
- Misery Index is streaming their new record, Traitors, due Sept 30th.
- The End Records is throwing a show at Europa on Oct 9th with locals Hull, Wizardry, Howl & Batillus. Tickets are $6 at the door.
- Black metal greats Ulver will re-release 2003's Svidd Neger for a limited edition vinyl pressing. Details are available here.
- Moss released the special edition cassette of Cthonic Rites.
- Gojira is putting finishing touches on a video for "Vacuity" from The Way Of All Flesh (due Oct 14th on Prosthetic).
- Stuart of ASVA was interviewed by Iann at Nonelouder.
- Tombs is on the hunt for a new drummer.
- Psyopus has replaced replacement vocalist Matt Dalberth with a new replacement Brain Woodruff.
- Warbringer posted a video for "At The Crack Of Doom".
- Stream Neurosis live at Roadburn 2007 here.
- Neil Fallon of Clutch sat down for an interview with UGO.
- Suffocation have confirmed their signing with Nuclear Blast.
- Most Precious Blood is currently in the works and being described as one part Systems Overload, one part Tragedy and one part funeral for a Mexican bullfighter.
- Gojira's Joe Duplantier was interviewed by Headbanger's Blog. Download the audio here. The Way Of All Flesh drops on Oct 14th via Prosthetic Records.
- At a Loss have signed Dark Castle of St Augustine, Florida. Phillip Cope (Kylesa) recorded their full-length and you can stream demos on their myspace.
- Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation was interviewed by Headbanger's blog. Cattle Decapitation have announced a handful of west coast tour dates. Check 'em out below.
- The Hope Conspiracy have announced plans to record a new EP with Kurt Ballou at God City, to be released later this year. More details to come.
- At The Gates is planning a documentary of their 2008 reunion tour.
- Bongripper and Winters In Osaka have collabo'd for an extremely limited 3" CD (on 100 of 'em) available on their website on Oct 1st.
- Bassist Noah Martin of Arsis has left the band. A replacement has yet to be announced.
- Amenra will play Brugge on 11/1, documenting the proceedings for a DVD.
- Buried Inside have announced recording of their new LP, the follow up to Chronoclast with the ever-busy Kurt Ballou. The album, due in February 2009 on Relapse, will be mixed by at Red Room Recordings by Matt Bayles.
- Oxbow have a new 7" entitled Lover Ungrateful featuring acoustic re-recordings of "Stallkicker" and "Frankly Frank". Pick it up here now.
- Wildildlife have teamed up with Mammatus for a short tour of the west coast. Dates are below.
- Kylesa, Intronaut, Jarboe, Pentagram, Jesu, Circle and many many others have contributed to "Like Black Holes in the Sky: The Tribute to Syd Barrett" LP, which is out NOW. Check out the details on the record here.

Motorhead @ Roseland Ballroom (more by Chris La Putt)

September 25 - Skelletones, Grand Rapids, Michigan^^
September 26 - Triple Rock, Minneapolis, Minnesota^^
September 27 - The Royal Albert Arms, Winnipeg, Manitoba^^
September 28 - The Exchange, Regina, Saskatchewan^
September 29 - The Starlite Room, Edmonton, Alberta^
September 30 - The Warehouse, Calgary, Alberta^
October 1 - Habitat, Kelowna, British Columbia^
October 2 - Pats Pub, Vancouver, British Columbia^
October 9 - King Cobra, Seattle, Washington***
October 10 - Slims, San Francisco, California #
October 11 - Music Box @ the Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, California #
October 12 - Thrillhouse records 'In House', San Francisco, California*
October 13 - The Jumping Turtle, San Marcos, California
October 15 - Karma, Victorville, California***
October 16 - Caravan Lounge, San Jose, California**
October 17 - Burt's Tiki Lounge, Salt Lake City, Utah***
October 18 - Club 156, Boulder, Colorado***
October 19 - Jackpot Music Hall, Lawrence, Kansas***
October 22 - Strummers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania***
October 23 - The Knitting Factory, New York, New York; Decibel Magazine presents: The Metal Blade/Lifeforce/Relapse CMJ Showcase@
December 6 - Coasters, Whitehorse, Yukon - $10
# w/ The Sword & Black Cobra
^ w/ Baroness & Genghis Tron
^^ w/ Baroness
* w/Hightower & Orb of Confusion
** w/ Hightower
*** w/ Three
@ w/ Psyopus, Tombs, Left to Vanish, This or the Apocalypse

Oct. 24 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Bar de Tom
Oct. 25 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Easy
Oct. 26 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - El Teatro
Oct. 29 - Santiago, Chile - Club Cadillac
Oct. 30 - Lima, Peru - [to be announced]
Oct. 31 - Quito, Ecuador - [to be announced]

10/06: Osaka, Japan @ Big Cat w/ H2O
10/07: Nagoya, Japan @ Appolo Theatre w/ H2O
10/08: Nagoya, Japan @ Zion
10/09: Tokyo Shibuya, Japan @ O-East w/ H2O
10/10: Kanagawa Yokohama, Japan @ Club Lizard
10/11: Nigata, Japan @ Riverst
10/12: Tokyo Shinjuku, Japan @ ACB
10/13: Tokyo Nishiogikubo, Japan @ Flat
10/13: Chiba Minamikashiwa, Japan @ Drunkards Stadium
10/20: Baltimore, MD @ Sonar w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Ruiner
10/21: Richmond, VA @ Canal Club w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/22: Atlanta, GA @ MJQ w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/23: Orlando, FL @ Blackbox Collective w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/24: Tallahassee, FL @ Beta Bar w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/25: Birmingham, AL @ Cave 9 w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/26: Memphis, TN @ Singleton Community Center w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
10/27: Tulsa, OK @ Pinkeye w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
10/28: Austin, TX @ Red 7 w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Bitter End
10/30: Phoenix, AZ @ Modified Arts w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
10/31: Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Internal Affairs
11/01: Berkeley, CA @ Gilman w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Sabertooth Zombie
11/02: Portland, OR @ Satyricon w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Ill Intent
11/03: Tacoma, WA @ Viaduct w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, On
11/05: Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
11/06: Mission, KS @ Mission Theatre w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
11/07: Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
11/08: Madison, WI @ Club 770 / University Of Wisconsin w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/09: Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/10: Covington, KY @ Mad Hatter w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/11: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/12: Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/13: Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/14: Syracuse, NY @ Klub Polski w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/15: Boston, MA @ The ICC w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, New Lows
11/16: Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
11/17: Manhattan, NY @ Knitting Factory w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, New Lows
11/18: Maplewood, NJ @ Garden State Music w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, New Lows
11/19: Deer Park, NY @ Deer Park VFW w/ Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, New Lows

Oct. 03 - The Granda Theater - Ontario, CA
Oct. 04 - The Phoenix Gallery - Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 07 - Whiskey A-GoGo - Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 31 - The Che Cafe - La Jolla, California

11/1 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
11/2 Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox
11/3 Richmond, VA @ Alleykatz
11/4 Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
11/5 New York, NY @ Knitting Factory
11/6 Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
11/7 Albany, NY @ TBA
11/8 Toronto, ONT @ The Wreck Room
11/9 Montreal, QUE @ Les Foufounes Electriques
11/10 Providence, RI @ Club Hell
11/11 Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st St Pub
11/12 Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
11/13 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
11/14 Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar
11/15 St Paul, MN @ TBA
11/16 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
11/18 St Louis, MO @ Fubar
11/19 Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music
11/20 Tulsa, OK @ The Marquee
11/21 Dallas, TX @ Reno's Chop Shop
11/22 Austin, TX @ Red 7

10/11 Bainbridge Island, WA @ IMG
10/12 Olympia, WA @ TBA
10/14 Seattle, WA @ Funhouse
10/15 Portland, OR @ Someday Lounge
10/16 Eureka, CA @ Auntie Mo's
10/17 Oakland, CA @ Stork Club
10/18 Santa Cruz, CA @ Crepe Place
10/20 Davis, CA @ Firehouse
10/21 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
10/22 San Deigo, CA @ San Diego Sports Club
10/23 Long Beach, CA @ The Prospector
10/24 Monterey, CA @ Jose's Underground
10/25 San Francisco, CA @ Hemloc

October 10th San Francisco, CA @ Slim's*
October 11th Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda Theatre*
October 12th Phoenix, AZ @ The Phix**
October 13th Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar**
October 14th Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon Theater**
October 15th Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre**
October 16th, Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Music Hall**
October 17th, Iowa City, IA @ The Picador**
October 18th Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen**
October 19th, Detroit, MI @ Small's**
October 20th Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar ***
October 21st Columbus, OH @ Summit ***
October 22nd Baltimore, MD @ Sonar ^
October 23rd Pawtucket RI @ Easy Axxes
October 24th Allston, MA @ O'Briens
October 25th Philadelphia, PA @ Kyber^^
October 26th Brooklyn NY @ The Charleston
October 27th Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile
October 29th Hickory NC @ Drip's Coffee House ^^^
October 30th Johnson City TN @ The Hideaway $
October 31st Asheville NC @ Stella Blue $$
November 1st Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn $$$
November 2nd Gainesville, FL @ Market Street Pub (as part of The Fest 7)

* w/ The Sword & Year Long Disaster
** w/ Genghis Tron and Yip Yip
*** w/ Dark Castle
^ w/ Stinking Lizaveta & Dark Castle
^^ w/ Grief & Sourvein
^^^ w/ Weedeater & US Christmas
$ w/ Weedeater & Stinking Lizaveta
$$ w/ Weedeater
$$$ w/ Today is the Day & Weedeater

October 15 Tilburg, Holland 013 Popcentrum
October 17 Braunschweig, Germany Nexus
October 18 Frankfurt, Germany Elfer
October 19 St. Petersburg, Russia Art Galley Loft Project * no TAAS on this show
October 22 Moscow, Russia Aktoviy Zal
October 24 Berlin, Germany Magnet
October 25 Leipzig, Germany Zoro
October 26 Prague, Czech Club 007
October 27 Budapest, Hungary Kaplung
October 28 Vienna, Austria Arena Vienna
October 29 Zurich, Switzerland Abart
October 30 Bologna, Italy Sotto Tetto
October 31 Montpellier, France Mojomatic
November 1 Barcelona, Spain Apollo 2
November 3 Madrid, Spain Wurlitzer Ballroom
November 4 Lisbon, Portugal Galeria Ze Des Bois
November 5 Porto, Portugal Porto Rio
November 6 Barakaldo, SPA Edaska Rock Club
November 8 Lyon, France Grrrnd Zero
November 9 Lausanne, Switzerland Le Romandie
November 10 Paris, France Mains D‚oeuvre
November 11 Esch-Alzette, Luxemborg Rokhal
November 12 Gent, Belgium Charlatan
November 13 Leuven, Belgium Stuk
November 14 Brighton, UK Engine Room
November 15 Exeter, UK Cavern Club
November 16 Leeds, UK Brudenell Social Club
November 17 Glasgow, UK Stereo
November 18 Belfast, Ireland Black Box
November 19 Dublin, Ireland Whelans
November 20 Manchester, UK Star And Garter
November 21 Nottingham, UK Rock City
November 22 London, UK Islington Academy
Dec 27 Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, New Jersey*
Dec 28 Webster Theater - Hartford, Connecticut*
Dec 29 930 Club - Washington DC*
Dec 30 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, Ohio*
Dec 31 Orbit Room - Grand Rapids, Michigan *
* w/Clutch

oct 1 - huntington, wv @ danny's house
oct 2 - morgantown, wv @ 604 arlington
oct 3 - pittsburgh, pa @ the mousetrap
oct 4 - new york, ny @ abc no rio (matinee)
oct 4 - brooklyn, ny @ 1410 lincoln place w/ tournament, olde ghost
oct 5 - new brunswick, nj @ the breadbox
oct 7 - baltimore, md @ charm city art space
oct 8 - richmond, va @ nara sushi
oct 9 - virginia beach, va @ gil's
oct 10 - charlotte, nc
oct 11 - myrtle beach, sc
oct 12 - gainesville, fl @ wayward council
oct 13 - tampa, fl
oct 14 - sarasota, fl
oct 15 - miami, fl
oct 16 - satelitte beach, fl @ american legion
oct 17 - tallahassee, fl
oct 18 - birmginham, al @ cave 9
oct 19 - nasville, tn @ the muse
oct 20 - tupelo, ms @ lifeblood skateshop
oct 21 - oklahoma city, ok @ the infoshop
oct 22 - dallas, tx
oct 23 - austin, tx @ red 7
oct 24 - las cruces, nm @ dirtcult fest
oct 25 - albuquerque, nm
oct 26 - phoenix, az
oct 27 - tucson, az @ the living room
oct 28 - san diego, ca
oct 29 - riverside, ca
oct 30 - isla vista, ca @ the biko garage
oct 31 - sun valley, ca @ the spread
nov 1 - redwood city, ca
nov 2 - portland, or
nov 3 - seattle, wa
nov 4 - tacoma, wa
nov 6 - victoria, bc
nov 7 - vancouver, bc
nov 8 - calgary, ab
nov 9 - edmonton, ab @ avonmore hall
nov 10 - saskatoon, sk
nov 11 - regina, sk @ the club
nov 12 - winnipeg, mb
nov 13 - thunder bay, on @ black pirates pub
nov 14 - southern ontario
nov 15 - southern ontario
nov 16 - southern ontario
nov 17 - toronto, on @ el mocambo
nov 18 - southern ontario
nov 19 - southern ontario
nov 20 - southern ontario
nov 21 - ottawa, on
nov 22 - montreal, qc @ katacombes

Carcass @ Nokia Theater (more by Ryan Muir)
Carcass @ Nokia Theatre

My review from the recent Carcass show:

"You know what I say to you hurricane? F*ck you we listen to death metal! I don't care if there are fallen trees everywhere; I got a chainsaw in my trunk."

The award for picture perfect description of the attitude and fans of the Nokia Theater on Sept 6th goes to the uber-animated Frank Mullen of Suffocation. The second stop on the Exhume To Consume tour showcased the reunited death metal legends Carcass, New Yorkers Suffocation, tech-death powerhouses Necrophagist, Norwegian black metal traditionalists 1349, death-core-grind of Aborted, and deathgrinders Rotten Sound. Dying Fetus, though advertised (I received a press release on FRIDAY, no less), where nowhere to be found.

"I realize that we probably sound like Saxon compared to Suffocation, Necrophagist, 1349, Aborted, and Rotten Sound..... but that's because were old farts"

Bill Steer, we agree to disagree. In fact, what suprised me most about headliner Carcass's closing set was their brutality, especially in comparison to the opening bands and how after all these years away from each other. Carcass took the stage at 11:50 with original members Michael Amott, Bill Steer, and Jeff Walker and replacement drummer Daniel Erlandsson filling in for the ailing Ken Owen, playing a mix of songs from their entire catalog that close resembled setlists from their European shows.

The saddest moment of the night went to a surprise appearance by original drummer Ken Owen who, shuffling on stage like a man twice his age, played a short drum solo. It was, at once, touching and extremely sad that one of the originators of the metal drumming staple, the blast beat, could no longer sit behind the kit for the legends.

Suffocation's old-school-working class style of death metal that was reliably rough-and-tumble, but the band added one important element to an otherwise super-serious evening of guitar wizardry, autopsy videos, and vomited vocals: black humor. Read the following in a thick New York accent:

"This one goes out to the ladies.....I just want to cut you open and bathe in your entrails"

Lead singer Frank Mullen is hilarious, both on the mic and as he runs around stage with his mouth agape and toungue out, playing air guitar, and waving his hand in the air like Miss America on meth. The band ran through the classics ("Thrones of Blood"), later stuff ("abomination Reborn", Bind Torture Kill") and even a promising new song ("Mental Hommorrage") from their upcoming Nucelar Blast debut, Blood Oath.

Necrophagist's Epitaph, dropped in 2004 and although I was impressed by the technicality and above average song-writing, tech-death as a genre can come off as a little cold and calculated as some bands are more interested in wowing you with instrumental prowess and not performance. Not so with Necrophagist, the band were stunning with their amazing arpeggios, left-turn time changes, and an awesome finger-tapping six-string bassist. I can't wait to hear their new record, which they announced will drop "in 2009".

1349 was comparatively low energy, with some compelling moments ("I Am Abomination") but overall just OK. Hellfire is a great record, and by that alone I'll give them one more shot when they come through next time.... hopefully with more than one guitar player (guitars were suuuper thin in the mix).

You definitely couldn't call Aborted low energy as lead singer/founder Sven de Caluwé thrashed about on stage. Aborted is coming off the release of Strychnine.213, possibly my least favorite record, the band definitely kept the crowd (and me) interested.

Sidenote.... If you have long hair and its raining outside like a mother, a wet-head headbang is NOT a good look. Good thing I wore a hoodie.

Dry heave.


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