Thom Yorke recently released his score for the Suspiria remake, which also includes a handful of great, proper songs, and he's now on a North American solo tour. At his first of two shows at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre last night (11/26), he actually only played one song from that score ("Suspirium"), instead favoring songs from his more proper solo albums Tomorrow's Modern Boxes and The Eraser, a couple Atoms for Peace songs, and a handful of new songs he's been playing live over the past year. (He has a new proper solo album expected to come in 2019 -- perhaps it will include those songs?) Here's an excerpt of JamBase's review of the Boston show:

Yorke came out on stage with Nigel Godrich and Tarik Barri and launched into one of the best audio and visual sets of the year. Thom and Nigel switched between bass, guitar, drum machines, piano and a few other gadgets for a little under two hours. Tarik’s job was directing the visuals, which he was live mixing on stage to be projected over the crowd behind the trio. Having seen a lot of different light shows, this is one of the more impressive ones I have seen of recent memory. The background was almost like an updated Joshua Light Show, with moments when it looked like lights were floating behind the musicians. At times it seemed like the stargate scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey was coming to life right before my eyes.

As for the music, Yorke was in fine form, opening the show with “Interference.” During the first few numbers, the crowd sat but that all ended during “Impossible Knots” as he commanded the audience to stand – not with his voice but by his dancing around and waving his arms about – and they remained standing for the duration. Yorke barely stayed still the rest of the evening. His material is far more conducive to dancing than Radiohead‘s catalog, and while people were enjoying themselves in their seat, this show probably would have been more enjoyable in a full general admission setting.

Like on the rest of the tour, Radiohead collaborator Oliver Coates opened last night's Brooklyn show, and he'll do so again tonight (11/27). Oliver also has a co-headlining NYC show with Visible Cloaks at National Sawdust on Thursday (11/29), which is sold out.

Pictures of last night's Kings Theatre show are in the gallery above. Some videos and the setlist are below.

Thom Yorke at Kings Theatre - 11/26/18 Setlist (via)
A Brain in a Bottle
Impossible Knots
Black Swan
I Am a Very Rude Person
Pink Section
Nose Grows Some
Cymbal Rush
The Clock
Two Feet Off the Ground
Amok (Atoms for Peace song)
Not the News
Truth Ray

The Axe
Atoms for Peace
Default (Atoms for Peace song)

Encore 2:


photos by P Squared

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