Last month, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke released his very good third solo LP, ANIMA, along with its accompanying Netflix short film, which might be even better. While the project's heavily-synthetic, dreamlike production style served as a clear continuation of Thom's past solo discography, his great songwriting throughout the record kept things fresh, especially on the hypnotic album highlight "Not the News."

Today, Thom has shared an EP of four "Not the News" remixes, with brand new interpretations from Mark Pritchard, Extendo, Clark, and Equiknoxx with Time Cow and Gavsborg. As it usually goes for remix EPs, not every song on here is absolutely essential, but it's always interesting to hear other artists re-interpret another musician's work. This release is no exception, and you can stream it in full below. Thom will also be touring the US later this year (no NYC dates though).

In related Radiohead news, bassist Colin Greenwood has also kept busy this year aside from his main job, by playing in the backing band of Belgian-based musician Tamino. Greenwood has been a close collaborator with Tamino since his first EP, and has occasionally joined him live onstage over the past two years. Here's what the songwriter told NME last year about his friendship with Greenwood:

Colin and I have a few mutual friends. We met a couple of times by pure coincidence. Last summer, he came to one of my hometown shows in Antwerp and was very enthusiastic about the music. I felt like we spoke the same musical language when we talked afterwards. When we started recording we noticed we missed some bass guitar parts in a couple of songs. Colin felt like the perfect match because of his melodic playing, whilst keeping an incredible groove. I’m honoured to have him playing on my songs.

Tamino recently performed an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert, with Greenwood on bass duties. The songwriter's somber instrumentation and compelling, emotional vocal style should be of interest to Radiohead fans. You can watch the full performance below.

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