Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle just released an awesome collaborative album, May Our Chambers Be Full, about a month ago (and it's been cracking some year-end lists), and now they've already announced that they'll also put out a collaborative EP, The Helm of Sorrow, on January 15 via Sacred Bones (pre-order).

The first single is a cover of The Cranberries' "Hollywood," which is already kind of a sludge metal-tinged song and it's perfect fo Thou and Emma. Listen and check out the artwork and tracklist below.

They also released a new "Elysian Fields" video directed by Thou's Mitch Wells, which contains elements of "Killing Floor" from May Our Chambers Be Full. Watch that below too.

Thou members Bryan Funck and Andy Gibbs also recently spoke to us about their favorite albums (and books and more) of 2020. Click their names to see their lists.

1 - Orphan Limbs
2 - Crone Dance
3 - Recurrence
4 - Hollywood