Thoughtcrimes, the Long Island chaotic hardcore band spearheaded by former Dillinger Escape Plan member Billy Rymer, released their debut LP, Altered Pasts, this year, spent some time on the road, and Billy also stayed busy as Ho99o9's touring drummer (including on their tour with Slipknot). With the year coming to a close, Billy, vocalist Rick Pepa, guitarist Russ Savarese, and guitarist Brian Sullivan all shared their favorite albums of the year, with commentary on each pick. Their picks include Cave In, Vermin Womb, HEALTH, Fleshwater, Gatherers, and more, and Brian included the Ho99o9 album. Read on for their list.

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Thoughtcrimes' Favorite Albums of 2022


Cave In - Heavy Pendulum

I was never a huge Cave In listener until I caught wind of Old Man Gloom around 2011. There’s a lot to be said if you know the history and capabilities within all of these band members. This whole album pleasantly blends mid-90’s structure with modern production and a familiar groove. Most of the record brings me huge QOTSA vibes. Hard to pick a favorite on this, toss up with “Reckoning” but I’m going with “Careless Offering.” That song rips and is so well put together. It’s a song that makes me wish I wrote it!

Vermin Womb - Retaliation

I love a 3 piece band that can create ultimate atmospheric chaos. Considering Ethan as the band leader (Weekend Nachos), you would have to expect some kind of unapologetic sonic destruction. The cover art for this album is extremely horrid and intimidating for the average passerby. My favorite on this under-nineteen-minute masterpiece is track 3, “Denvoid.” Just an insane and intense song through and through. I have to admit the song title “Said What I Said (Grave Pissing)” really warms my soul as a metaphoric ‘fuck you’ to anyone walking around with a god complex. We all know someone who needs a reality check, and this is the musical entree for that.


Ho99o9 - Skin
One of the top albums of 2022 would have to be Skin by Ho99o9. These guys murdered this record. Produced by Travis Barker, it shines as their brightest work to date. The track "BITE MY FACE," featuring Corey Taylor, is incredible as is the music video. The drummer looks familiar too.

This record is an incredible follow up to another unreal album, DISCO4 :: PART I. Without being filtered, it's important to mention, like Ho99o9, these guys are serious pioneers of sound. Every time they set it off, it's a mind-blowing experience. This album definitely shook my reality. With features from NIN, Lamb of God, Ho99o9, Poppy, etc. it's one you should definitely give a listen to. What's also pretty sick is that the album comes on cassette, a throwback to a time held dear by many, myself included. DISCO4 :: Part II is my top choice for album of the year. As I continue to listen to it, the record is shaping up to be one of my favorite albums.


He is Legend - Endless Hallway
All the greatest songwriters are storytellers. Lyrically imaginative stories coupled with creative and scathing melodies, Schuylar Croom's vocal performance is the highlight of this record. Musically this takes a heavier direction than in previous efforts and does not leave the listener wanting.

Fleshwater - We're Not Here To Be Loved
I stumbled on this record originally unaware of its association to and was instantly sold. Satisfyingly blending post rock and shoegaze vibes with, dare I say, a dash of nu metal on top. This is an enjoyable listen with nods to Hum, Whirr, and Deftones.

Author & Punisher - Krüller
A one man doom band playing homemade instruments is enough to grab any music fans attention. But clever songwriting and wall of sound distorted synthesizers are joined to make Kruller a record as unique and exciting as its creator.


Father John Misty - Chloë and the Next 20th Century
This record is a timeless master piece. I love how it leans heavier into the orchestral arrangements compared to the previous works. My favorite would have to be "Goodbye Mr. Blue." This is a beautiful track with lyrics that are not only honest and vulnerable but also topically relatable.

Boy Harsher - The Runner (Original Soundtrack)
The perfect soundtrack for a 4 am drive to the next venue. I love the production on this record, especially on the track "Give Me a Reason." Jae Matthews voice is as captivating as always.

Gatherers - ( mutilator. )
Released late in the year, these guys have once again outdone themselves on this self produced full length. Every song has so much cleverness and intent in their arrangements. My favorite track would have to be “tourniquet (for luck).” The payoff at the end is one of the most infectious hooks I’ve heard this year.

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