Canada/Chicago/all over the place folky black metal outfit Thrawsunblat, who share members with Immortal Bird, Eight Bells and Obsidian Tongue, are prepping their third album Metachthonia, and they've just shared the first track. The song is called "She Who Names the Stars," and you can stream it below. The album drops on June 17.

If "She Who Names the Stars" is any indication, this is an album to be watched out for. It's an epic 9-minute beauty of a black metal track. Driving forward through varied heavy terrain, it keeps you on your toes the whole time with extremely tight songcraft that keeps good curveballs around every corner. The guitar playing alternately shimmers and crushes depending on what the moment calls for, and the singing similarly alternates between clean and harshly screamed (both by the diversely skilled Joel Violette). The drumming (by Rae Amitay of Immortal Bird/Eight Bells) is a driving force here, perfectly controlling the pace with an expertly placed blast beat or double-kicking the ground out from under you. Oh and there's cello.

Fans of the likes of Agalloch, Panopticon, and Vattnet Viskar should find a lot to love here. Stream this heavy, melodic beast below, and keep an eye out for Metachthonia on June 17.

Meanwhile, drummer Rae Amitay's other band, the death/grind rippers Immortal Bird, are on an Invisible Oranges-presented tour with Seattle grindcore outfit Theories, and they'll stop in NYC Friday (6/10) for a show at the Acheron. That show has become an even more stacked bill, as Minneapolis black metal crew False and local support from Anicon have been added. Tickets for that are on sale now.

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