Thunderbirds are Now! @ KF

Above photo of Thunderbirds are Now! from the Knitting Factory show on May 12th. I posted three more pictures that night. Here are some reviews from across the Internet...

"This show was perfect. Perfect venue (dark, dank, low-ceilinged basement), perfect audience (sardine-packed math rockers and tight-pants-hardcore kids), perfect length (30 minutes), perfect temperature (tropical), perfect smell (body odor + beer), perfect band."
- Thunderbirds Are Now! / Knitting Factory Old Office / May 12, 2005

"Okay so these guys were fucking awesome, really good live show, because they play like its the last song for every song"
- Thunderbirds Are Now! 05/12/05 The Knit

"Before an audience that could not have been over 50 heads, TAN! plied open our mouths and shoved down ear-splitting hooks, well-placed synth beeps and blips, and one of the most entertaining stage shows I’ve seen at the Ottobar."
- Thunderbirds Are Now! at the Ottobar | 5.14.2005

"They were pretty energetic, with echoes of Pixies, new wave(via the cool keyboards), and maybe just a bit of the Detroit garage rock aesthetic. One thing I realized about Sneaky Dees during the Thunderbirds Are Now! set was how spring-y the floor is in the venue."
- Thunderbirds Are Now! @ Sneaky Dees(Toronto, Ontario), May 6, 2005

"All of the guys in the band go nuts, but the keyboardist / vocalist Scott Allen goes completely bonkers. He went into the crowd a few times and did the spastic dance against the crowd. It was awesome."
- Thunderbirds Are Now! My Ears Are Shot! (with video)

"They’ll probably play in a larger place, to more people, then. Tonight though, they’ve managed to remind me what live music should be, to make me feel that Music itself is doing just fine, and I can’t wait for more people to feel this way."
- Supermarionation (Thunderbirds Are Now!, Knitting Factory Old Office)