Thursday wrapped up their holiday tour with Cursive and Anthony Green on Sunday night in Poughkeepsie at The Chance. The tour had Thursday playing Full Collapse front-to-back, while Cursive were playing Domestica in full, each with a few songs from the rest of their catalogs to round out the sets.

For his opening set, Anthony Green mixed in Circa Survive and L.S. Dunes songs -- and Dylan and Deftones covers -- with solo songs from this year's Boom. Done. and more.

Check out photos of the whole show by Devan Gallagher, along with setlists, below.

SETLIST: Thursday at The Chance, Poughkeepsie 12/17/2022
Full Collapse:
Understanding in a Car Crash
Autobiography of a Nation
A Hole in the World
Cross Out the Eyes
Paris in Flames
I Am the Killer
Standing on the Edge of Summer
How Long Is the Night? / Understanding in a Car Crash reprise

Jet Black New Year
Signals Over the Air
War All the Time

SETLIST: Cursive at The Chance, Poughkeepsie 12/17/2022
The Casualty
The Martyr
Shallow Means, Deep Ends
Making Friends and Acquaintances
A Red So Deep
The Lament of Pretty Baby
The Game of Who Needs Who the Worst
The Radiator Hums
The Night I Lost the Will to Fight
Art Is Hard
From the Hips
The Great Decay
Stranded Satellite
Big Bang

SETLIST: Anthony Green at The Chance, Poughkeepsie 12/17/2022
Center of It All
She Loves Me So
I Don't Want To Die Tonight
Pleasure of the Feast
Why Must We Wait
2022 (L.S. Dunes song)
Maybe This Will Be The One
Trading Doses
I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan cover)
Don't Dance
Diamond Eyes (Deftones cover)
Meet Me in Montauk (Circa Survive song)
Spanish Moss

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