Back in February, Velocity Records relaunched after a hiatus, in partership with Equal Vision Records. Among the bands who signed on for the relaunch was Thursday, who promised to "reissue deep cuts & release a pair of special live albums." Here's one of those deep cuts: they've announced the long-anticipated reissue of their debut album, 1999's Waiting. It's available on vinyl (in a bunch of different variants) and on streaming services, and you can hear it below.

"Most people think Full Collapse is our first album," Geoff Rickly says, "but twenty two years ago, we took a bunch of demos out of the basement where we’d been writing and holding shows, and put them all together in one place to make our debut album, Waiting. A lot has changed in those intervening years—- the record has gone out of print several times— but every single time I listen to this record, I can hear the start of Thursday, I can hear our hopes and dreams and all the ideas that would define the band, starting to take shape."

Meanwhile, two other Thursday albums marked anniversaries this year: the pivotal Full Collapse turned 20, and we took a look back at the post-hardcore classic, and spoke to members of Touche Amore, Deafheaven, La Dispute and more about the album. Thursday's most recent album, No Devolución, turned 10, as well.

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