Thursday are doing an entirely new live performance, "unlike any [they] have ever done before," from Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar on August 19 and will stream it live alongside a previously-recorded but previously-unreleased Cursive set from Saint Vitus and a live And So I Watch You From Afar set from Ireland.

Unfortunately, due to New York and New Jersey's strict quarantine regulations, guitarist Tom Keeley and keeyboardist Andrew Everding won't be able to be part of the performance, but Thursday have released a video teasing Tom's replacement for the show, and going by those unmistakable hand tats, it looks a lot like their old pal Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance. Thursday say:

As you no doubt know, New York and New Jersey have very strict quarantine regulations in place. People coming in from mandated 'high infection' states have to quarantine for 14 days as per state law.
What you may not know is that some of us live in those affected states.
As a consequence of the concerted state efforts to curtail the spread of Covid 19, we will be performing as a special ‘one time only’ five piece at Signals V1. Unfortunately Andrew and Tom will not be able to attend in person (both will be there in spirit) so the question we found ourselves having to answer was - who can play second guitar with us live on stage? We came up with a good one and it turns out that @tom_keeleyiii is a whiz at FaceTime guitar lessons!

We thought we would give you a couple of clues to see if you can guess who is sitting in! The video above has been doctored to protect the guilty! Put your guesses in the comments below! Also - name the riff!
***^Please note that there is no disturbance in the force and the sole reason we have a guest joining Tim / Steve / Geoff and Tucker on stage is simply because we resignedly and utterly respect the efforts of the frontlines to get us all back on track.
Normally we believe that complete disdain for the local laws of our host city is a core component part of any successful Thursday concert but in this case we feel it is nothing short of selfish and arrogant to ignore or believe ourselves exceptions to the containment rules because of the pretext that we are in a rock band. Signals V.1 is truly going to be quite the event. As always - tickets and merch are available via the link in bio. Live pic by @carlyhoskins Self shot video by @yngwiemalmsteen_official

The stream happens at 4 PM ET on 8/19 and it will rebroadcast from 8/20 through 8/22. Tickets and merch bundles are on sale.

UPDATE: Yep, it's Frank:


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