Earlier this month, Brand New finally released their long-awaited Science Fiction, their first album in eight years, and it's really, really good. It's gotten universal acclaim (we love it too) and it's currently the #1 album in the country, the band's first to top the charts. One of the many people to sing its praises is Geoff Rickly, whose own band Thursday had a similar career path. They got big in the post-hardcore scene around the same time, they pushed the sound of that scene to new levels around the same time, and they've both been making comebacks these past few years. Geoff talked to Tyler Barstow for the Vinyl Me, Please podcast, and the two of them go back and forth about Brand New's career and the new LP. One gem from the interview is when Geoff talks about the first time he heard 2006's The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me:

I listened to Devil and God, and I remember about halfway through the third song maybe or fourth song, it just sorta sank on me like a ton of bricks that like, I thought our record [A City by the Light Divided] was a fairly radical change and I was pretty proud of it, and then I heard this absolute masterpiece that was totally different. Basically I was just crushed at how good that record was.

Geoff also calls 2009's Daisy "unfairly maligned." He names "Lit Me Up," "Waste," "Same Logic/Teeth" and "In the Water" as his favorite songs on Science Fiction, and he says "there's a lot to love on this record and I feel like we'll all be unpacking it for a while." The whole podcast is a great listen. Check it out HERE.

Brand New are touring this fall, including a Brooklyn show on October 19 at Kings Theater.

Thursday have holiday shows coming up, including Long Island and New Jersey gigs, and they say they're touring again in 2018 and new music is possible.

If you haven't heard Science Fiction yet, listen below: