Thurston Moore has a new series of 7" singles that will be out in November via his Daydream Library Series label. The a-sides of each --  “Pollination,” “Spring Swells,” and “Three Graces” -- are all Thurston Moore Group live recordings that are mixed by experimental musician Wobbly (Jon Leidecker). The b-side on all three is a cover of New Order's "Leave Me Alone" that Thurston recorded in Manchester's Salford neighborhood (where New Order's Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook both grew up) with some local musicians. The closing track on New Order's classic 1983 album Power Corruption and Lies, "Leave Me Alone" translates very well to the acoustic arrangement Thurston has given it. "This song is such a life-affirming song,” Thurston Moore told The Quietus. “To consider New Order releasing that beautiful song after everything they had been through at that point is what I was thinking about when I read the lyrics.” It's quite a lovely cover, and you can listen below.

You can pre-order “Pollination,” “Spring Swells,” and “Three Graces” now. He's also got a three-CD box set, Spirit Counsel, on the way this month, and the Thurston Moore Group will be touring in December. He's also featured in the upcoming documentary Redd Kross: Born Innocent.