Long-running Chicago studio/nonprofit Experimental Sound Studio has been hosting a daily Quarantine Concerts series and there's some cool stuff coming up, including modern-day jazz great Jaimie Branch today (4/16) today at 7 PM Eastern (6 Central) and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore on Saturday (4/18) at 3 PM ET. Here's their upcoming schedule through Saturday, April 25:

QUARANTINE CONCERTS SERIES (all times listed in Central Time)

Thursday, April 16

Heavy Air Happy Hour
6:00pm Jaimie Branch, Damon Smith, Ryan Jewell Trio
6:45pm Jayve Montgomery, Andrew Scott Young, Tyler Damon Trio

Friday, April 17

7:00pm Devin Flower
7:30pm Kyle Bruckmann
8:00pm Charmaine Lee
8:30pm Paige Naylor
9:00pm Helen Money
9:30pm Rob Frye

Saturday, April 18

Corbett vs. Dempsey presents Sequesterfest (Vol. 2)
2:00pm Thurston Moore
2:30pm Susana Santos Silva
3:00pm Torbjörn Zetterberg
3:30pm Ab Baars and Ig Henneman
4:00pm Mats Gustafsson
4:30pm Zeena Parkins
5:00pm Moreno Veloso

Sunday, April 19

Quarantined Duos
3:00pm Quarantined Duos: Angharad Davies/Tim Parkinson (UK)
3:30pm Katie Porter/Devin Maxwell
4:00pm Michael Pisaro-Liu/Cherlyn Hsing Hsin Pisaro-Liu

Monday, April 20
7:00pm Option Interviews: Hollow Deck (Andy Allen/Mia Friedman)

Tuesday, April 21

cached.media presents
5:00pm Katherine Peterson
5:35pm Willy Smart
6:00pm Peter Speer
6:35pm David Hall
7:00pm M. Sage
7:40pm Hakobune & Chihei Hatakayama

Wednesday, April 22

10:00pm Brian Chu
10:30pm Steve Hui

Thursday, April 23

Resonance Presents

Friday, April 24

Acorn Series
7:00pm Erica Miller
7:30pm Veronica Salinas
8:00pm Chloe Lin
8:30pm Thessia Machado
9:00pm Kimberly Sutton
9:30pm Sara Zalek

Saturday, April 25

Elastic Arts: Sam Lewis Presents
7:00pm James Sanders
7:30pm Sam Trump
8:00pm Megiapa
8:30pm Brother El
9:00pm YFEE
9:30pm AQ

Tune in via ESS' Twitch channel:

Meanwhile, Thurston Moore has been putting out some previously unreleased material from his vault and Sonic Youth have too. This rare 2000 recording of Thurston, his Sonic Youth bandmates Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley, and Mats Gustafsson (who also plays the livestream on Saturday that Thurston plays) was recently added:

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