Thurston Moore shared a new song on Bandcamp on Sunday (3/29) called "Sunday Stage." He recorded it with Chelsea Light Moving members John Moloney, Samara Lubelski, and Keith Wood, and he wrote a message about it:

It's Sunday 29 March 2020 and we are all on the same page in our shelters if we are so lucky with food and drink if so blessed and with a loved one or two or three if the gods are really shining - maybe they are - i always feel they are, even in the worst of times - faith is key - religion is what you want for your own devotion to being here and now and today i love rock n roll "do you love rock n' roll" " i do - and i love you" the resonant response of the Earth. We are fighting for each other hopefully with dignity despite the horror shows abounding in the hospices where brave soldiers save lives as much as they can - we salute you with loud love and raised guitars. it is time to pray to overthrow the weak governance of merchants of greed, insurrection blowing wild from the amplifiers, our hearts held in Sunday service.

Listen to "Sunday Stage" below.

Meanwhile, Sonic Youth recently uploaded a bunch of old concert recordings ranging from the '80s to their final US show in 2011 to their Bandcamp.