Thurston Moore @ ATP NY 2008 (more by Zach Dilgard)
Thurston Moore

1. Eight Miles High (Das Wilde Leben) - German movie about Uschi Obermaier, super 60s Rolling Stones groupie who was a commune radical in Berlin.

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2. Let the Right One in (Låt den rätte komma in) - Norwegian movie about a 12 yr old boy who is bullied and meets a friend - a 12 yr old vampire girl. Sweet and sticky.

3. The Savage Detectives - Robert Bolano - fiction book. 18 year old Mexico City poet dude falls in with weirdo literary gang who call themselves the Visceral Realists. Funny, strange, sexy - kickass book - looking forward to his next one (Bolano’s dead) - just came out, titled: 2666

4. Noise Nomads - solo noise dude runs the Bonescraper cassette label and is killer artist. His performances are surreal disconnections of true noise physicality. A lot of heart.

5. Uneven Universe - duo from Michigan using saxophones and junk sound. Dan "Dude" Dlugosielski and Hellfire Holly. Dan runs the ExciteBike (EXBX) label. Both are also in Cardboard Sax with Wolf Eyes’ John Olson. Check it:

6. Budweiser Sprite - Portland, OR’s Daniel Rizer solo jzoint. Slathering noise projections with genuine organik flow vibe. Daniel runs the Together Tapes label where every release features his art which is excellent. Dude used to be in Ohio and released that Nohio tape series -legendary. Real deal. check:

7. MV Carbon - The Dislodged Parahelion CD - MV is more known as one half of Metalux who have some records out, most notably on Load. This CD is a solo thing she sold on some gigs — beautiful and gracefully off balance, mesmerizing and edged. She’s been duo-ing with Tony Conrad recently.

8. Malkuth - black metal trio from NYC with members from No Neck Blues Band, which maybe shouldn’t work but DOES. A very real grasp of the defiled-music tenets of BM.

9. Live at the Masque-Nightmare in Punk Alley - photo book edited by Brendan Mullen who ran the infamous 70s punk basement club in Hollywood. Impressive publishing effort by Gingko Press of how to present a rock n roll substrata in all it’s maniacal glory. Loaded with ephemera, memorials and pix of not only the big namers like The Germs, X etc but all the secondary, tertiary bands who played (some who had yet to really make the transition from 1975 to punk yet.) Lovely.

10. The Evolution of A Cro-Magnon - memoir by John Joseph, singer of the Cro-Mags. Kinda like the Ringolevio of the early 80s NYC hardcore scene. And written in a super-1st person narrative where he will, while talking about someone, call that person out (”Hey Vinnie, if yr reading this, get in touch man, gotta work some shit out”) - not a direct quote but like that. Harrowing pre-teen urban nightmare life saved by an epiphany at a Faith/Untouchables/Bad Brains gig in Virginia. A gripper.


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