Ticketmaster came under fire recently -- in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic basically cancelling all tours, shows, and festivals for the past month, and foreseeable future -- for apparently changing its ticket policy. The New York Times showed two screencaps of Ticketmaster's refund site, one from March 13 reading "Refunds are available if your event is postponed, rescheduled, or canceled," and another from March 14, where that sentence was changed to "Refunds are available if your event is canceled."

In a statement to NYT, Ticketmaster acknowledged changing the phrasing of the policy for clarity, but said "its refund policy has remained the same for years." Now Ticketmaster has issued a new statement regarding their refund policy. "We will continue to keep fans up to date on the status of events via email and our Covid-19 event portals," they write.

Ticketmaster serves as the sales platform for event organizers worldwide. Our standard practice is for clients to hold the cash from their ticket sales. Clients using our platform also retain the ability to set individual policies for their postponed or rescheduled events.

Typically, event organizers have had the flexibility to offer refunds for virtually all postponed and rescheduled events. However, the unprecedented volume of over 30,000 events impacted to date, coupled with continued uncertainty over setting new dates while awaiting clearance from regional governments, has led to event organizers needing additional time to reschedule their events before deciding to offer refund options.

As of today, over 11,000 events, including over 4,000 postponed sports, concerts and arts events, have already authorized refunds. While we cannot guarantee all event organizers will offer refunds on their rescheduled events, we anticipate the vast majority will make a refund window available once new dates have been determined. In addition, Ticketmaster continues to issue refunds for all canceled events.

The entire Ticketmaster team is working from home and doing its best to respond to all fans and clients. We will continue to keep fans up to date on the status of events via email and via our Covid-19 event portal.

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