Tidal Gloom is a new-ish Brooklyn band started by Matt Popowski (who used to play in Gatherers and also plays in Funeral Fires) and Rich Gladis. Earlier this year, they put out the two-song single "No Particular Night" / "Lipstick." They're both gloomy, gothy alternative rock songs, and if you drew a venn diagram with Deftones, Type O Negative, and The Stills, this band would probably sound like the center.

We're premiering the video for "Lipstick" (directed by Matt), which Rich tells us is "a song about our frail facades, languishing over relationships and our tendencies to seek out attention and acceptance at any cost. Often, we’re enamored first by a veil and later the person or thing behind it reveals to have never really had good intentions for us after all. With that, we needed a video that embodied that same type of desperation and longing. What we sought after aimlessly couldn’t keep us safe and now we’re running from it."

Matt adds, "When I wrote the other songs, drums were somewhat of an after-thought. I’d write a drum loop on the computer I liked and build the song on top of that, creating the dynamics and movement with the guitars, bass and synths. Having Jeff behind a real drum set while writing 'Lipstick' added a whole other level of dynamics that makes this song one of my favorites."

Watch the "Lipstick" video and stream both songs below. You can pick up the 7" here.