A new Tierra Whack video is always cause for excitement, and for new single, "Link" she's teamed with LEGO, who are definitely a good fit in her vibrantly colored world. The song itself is about the plastic blocks -- the hook is "You should come and build with me, yahhh" -- and the video was made as part of LEGO's Rebuild the World campaign, collaborating with kids on the video's concept. “I was so excited to work with kids because their energy is fun, exhilarating, never-ending, and full of surprises,” says Tierra. “I really trusted them, and I knew they were going to come up with something great."

As for the video, it's set on an alien planet, where Tierra invites other creatures to collaborate on what turns out to be a giant LEGO spaceship. Launching the craft with a big red button that says "GO TO SPACE FOREVER," Tierra takes off but soon realizes she'd rather be with her new friends. You can watch the video, which was directed by Cat Solen, and a making-of short, below.

No word on when Tierra will release the follow-up to 2018's Whack World, but we're looking forward to it.

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