Earlier this year, Tigers Jaw signed to Hopeless and released the non-album single "Warn Me" (which we named one of the best punk songs of July) and promised a new album would be announced soon. Today we learn that it's called I Won't Care How You Remember Me, and due March 5 via Hopeless. The band co-produced it with longtime collaborator Will Yip, and the title track features guest vocals by Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull (whose guest vocal game has been on fire lately -- he's on the new Touche Amore album too). The first single is the Brianna Collins-penned "Cat's Cradle," which finds Tigers Jaw going in more of a power pop direction than ever before. This is some of their biggest-sounding and most accessible music yet.

"‘Cat’s Cradle’ is about the realization that no matter how much love, effort and consideration you put into a friendship, sometimes it just isn’t enough to make it work,” Brianna says. “The lyrics reflect on how being passive aggressive and not communicating directly can just lead to tension, confusion, and frustration in any relationship. Confrontation can be really challenging, especially when you’re worried about how what you feel might make someone else feel, and I have the tendency to suppress my own concerns and apologize first. With this song I wanted to acknowledge my own thoughts and emotions without feeling bad for having them.”

The song comes with a video directed by Drew Horen and Lauren H. Adams, and speaking about that, Brianna added, "Because the video for ‘Cat���s Cradle’ would be the first glimpse into our new record, we wanted it to visually and aesthetically nod to the album cover art. Drew, Lauren, and the entire team we worked with did an incredible job of making the video we wanted come to life: a simple concept that’s visually compelling."

"This album is a hopeful time capsule of a band who has been through a lot together. It’s about growth, self-reflection, and figuring out how to be present in the moment to really take stock of what’s important, without getting sidetracked by the opinions of others or things out of our control," Ben Walsh added. "Tigers Jaw can get through anything and be stronger because of it. We’ve endured lots of change over the last 15 years, but a lot of things have remained consistent. We make the music we want to make, we push each other to continue evolving and growing as musicians, and we are so proud of where we are now."

Watch the new video and check out the album art and tracklist below:

Tigers Jaw

1. I Won’t Care How You Remember Me
2. Cat’s Cradle
3. Hesitation
4. New Detroit
5. Can’t Wait Forever
6. Lemon Mouth
7. Body Language
8. Commit
9. Never Wanted To
10. Heaven Apart
11. Anniversary


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