Tigers Jaw were supposed to open for Joyce Manor in Central Park last summer, but had to drop off when the show was rescheduled due to weather (and Joyce Manor covered “I Saw Water” to make up for it), and then they did make it to NYC to play Brooklyn Made in October, but almost had to cancel another trip here when their tour opening for Circa Survive was cancelled. Fortunately, Tigers Jaw scheduled a last-minute headlining tour to make up for the Circa tour, and that had them back in Brooklyn for a show at Market Hotel on Saturday night (2/26).

The last-minute nature of the show is probably why it was at a smaller-than-usual NYC venue for Tigers Jaw (though they did also play Market Hotel in 2018 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their self-titled album), but even with just about two weeks notice, they had the place absolutely packed and it seemed like the show was full of diehards. Tigers Jaw are currently supporting their latest album I Won’t Care How You Remember Me (one of our favorite punk albums of 2021), and it was a great to hear them fill their set with eight of that album’s 11 songs. It’s the first album they wrote and recorded with their current rhythm section, who were previously touring members, and the same chemistry that this latest iteration of Tigers Jaw had in the studio came alive when they tore through the many highlights of their new album.

The new stuff went over very well, and you could hear a sizable portion of the crowd singing along with Ben Walsh during the quiet opening of the title track, but as soon as they broke out songs from their classic self-titled, the place went absolutely bonkers. The tightly-packed audience was crowd surfing, bouncing around and drowning out the band with their singalongs. For penultimate song “Never Saw It Coming,” Tigers Jaw ditched their mics completely and let the audience sing every single word. Fan faves from Charmer (“Hum,” “Slow Come On”) and Spin (“Follows,” “June”) got great reactions too — really the entire set was without a single lull. And it really did feel special seeing it in a place like Market Hotel, where Tigers Jaw’s DIY roots felt alive and well. These days, they’re on a big record label (Hopeless) and their new album has the biggest, cleanest sounding production of their career, but Saturday night’s Market Hotel show reminded you that they’re still the same old scrappy Tigers Jaw at heart.

Before Tigers Jaw went on, the night was opened up by rising, NYC-via-Buffalo musician Quinton Brock, who treated the crowd to a set of his indie rock/funk rock fusion (and one rap song). Quinton’s a super commanding frontman, and he had no trouble getting the crowd cheering or waving their phone lights in the air or just generally having a great time. He treated Market Hotel like it was an arena, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up regularly headlining much bigger rooms.

Watch some videos and see Tigers Jaw’s setlist below…


Tigers Jaw @ Market Hotel – 2/26/22 Setlist (via)
Warn Me
Cat’s Cradle
Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine
The Sun
Can’t Wait Forever
Body Language
Slow Come On
Never Wanted To
I Won’t Care How You Remember Me
Never Saw It Coming
I Saw Water