Tigers Jaw's anticipated new album I Won't Care How You Remember Me drops 3/5 via Hopeless, and today they released its third single, "Hesitation."

"‘Hesitation’ describes those sinking feelings of sensing that the person you love is beginning to drift away from you," says Ben Walsh, who takes lead vocals on this one. "It’s subtle at first, but these small details can slowly pull apart the fabric of a relationship. When you hear the hesitation before a response or see it before an action, your brain fills in the blanks and can sense that something is over before it’s actually over."

It comes with a video starring the band and directed by Title Fight guitarist/art director Shane Moran, who says, "The video is a meditation on wonder and, in many ways, exists as an exercise in self-belief. Filmed entirely in a Pennsylvania backyard over the course of a few hot summer days, friends and family (safely) got together to aid in the construction of a previously unknown world—one shaped by the energy of the song itself. This video attempts to showcase the contrast between the physical and the ether, the concrete and the abstract, working as a side-by-side metric to help identify when something simply does not add up."

The song's as jangly as it is driving, and it feels like classic Tigers Jaw but in a way that's totally fresh and energized. The video is cool too and makes for a nice contrast with the feeling of the song; check it out below.


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