Tigers Jaw have announced that their first album since 2017's very good spin is finished and will be out at some point via their new label home, Hopeless Records. (Their last album came out on their producer Will Yip's Atlantic imprint Black Cement.) Yip produced this one too, and longtime members Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins made it with guitarist/bassist Colin Gorman and drummer Teddy Roberts, who were previously touring members but officially joined the band last year.

Album details are still TBA, but you can get an idea of what to expect from the just-released, non-album single "Warn Me." "Warn Me’ is about being blindsided by something positive in your life," Ben says. "It’s that moment when you realize you normalized unhealthy relationships or behaviors​. ​I’ve been hesitant in the past to write from a more positive point of view, but my entire personal life went through an upheaval a few years back and it inspired me to see things through a new lens. This was one of the first songs we worked on with Colin and Teddy, and feels like a perfect song to kick off this next chapter of our band. Will Yip did such a great job of bringing out everyone’s musical personality in our performances. It’s a relentlessly driving but fun song, and I think it captures our live sound and energy really accurately."

"Warn Me" is a catchy, jangly yet driving indie-punk song that's cut from a similar cloth as spin and its era-defining predecessor Charmer, but it's not just a rehash of what Tigers Jaw have done in the past. It feels fresh, and it's making us look forward to what this new album has in store. Listen below.


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