Tim Fite "Recently signed Anti recording artist Tim Fite lives alone in a graveyard in Brooklyn, NY. In this graveyard, there are no headstones, no mausoleums, no flowers, no plot maps, no sprinklers, no astroturf; there aren't even any dead bodies (as far as I know). That is, unless you count the stacks and stacks of bargain bin c.d.'s that are strewed about the apartment, poking out of every nook and cranny of the otherwise orderly fourth floor walk up." [ANTI]

"Gone Ain’t Gone, a wry, anachronistic, copyright-defying, country/hip-hop collage, was made mostly from cds rescued from dollar bins; Australian bar bands, DC garage-punks, and demos from up-and-never coming rock bands. It’s all sampled, looped and laid down as the blueprint for FITE’s intriguing avant-folk vision of musical crime and resuscitation." [ANTI]

Gone Ain't Gone is is released on October 13th, 2005. A visit to Tim's site will gain you NINE new MP3s (including six from that album). (Go get 'em. they good...)

Tim Fite is playing CMJ this year, and New Yorkers can also see him this Sunday (July 17th, 2005) @ Joe's Pub. He's opening for Nicolai Dunger.

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