DOWNLOAD: Over The Counter Culture (whole album ZIP)

Tim Fite

Tim Fite continues to rule - now so more than ever because he's decided to give away his awesome second album 'Over the Counter Culture' FOR 100% FREE...

Fite will release his new album Over The Counter Culture for free through his website on February 20th, 2007 (and on Brooklyn Vegan on February 19th). Fite’s fifteen track recording is a scathing examination of commercial culture and it's adverse effects on life in general, and on rap music specifically.

“I saw hip/hop being co-opted by commercialism and tricked out in an effort to disguise the hidden agenda of economic, intellectual, and spiritual degradation that we have come to know so fondly as popular culture,” Fite says of the impetus for his new album, which temporarily puts his multi-genred folk leanings to the side for what he calls “an overtly political hip-hop record.”

“I intended to make a record that was free from the paradox of art reconciling with commerce,” Fite explains of the follow up to 2005’s acclaimed Gone Ain’t Gone.

“Conversely, I intended to make a record where art attacked commerce and its constituents, openly and without hesitation. I intended to make a record with an accusatory finger pointed at the world (myself included), shouting, "GUILTY!!!!!!!!" Guilty: for spending too much time on money, and not enough time on madness. Guilty: for believing in advertising so much that we have become advertisements ourselves.Guilty: for not holding up the red card of accountability and demanding change through self awareness. "

no tour dates at the moment.

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