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Tim Fite is releasing Watch Your Mouth, the third album of his Halloween trilogy (for free) on October 31. He's also playing that night with The Woes and Via Audio at Union Hall. Tickets are still on sale. More info on the album and show below...

A special message from Tim Fite:

Hello everybody,
It's that time of year again!!! When the diabetics rise up from their Craft-Matic beds and crawl through the neighborhood begging for treats. That's right kiddos... it's October, and Halloween is on it's way. This means three things for you to note on your calendar.

1. I will be releasing the final album of my free Halloween trilogy on the 31st.
2. I will be celebrating the BLOOD HARVEST with all who care to join me at the Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY on the 31st.
3. I will be digging a very small grave on the 31st.

Of these three things, the most pressing for you is the show at the Union Hall which is shaping up to be a magical night. I will be playing all of the goriest hits from my Halloween albums accompanied by the (blood soaked) Woes. Via Audio will dress up and play their lovely songs under the shadow of cornstalks. BUT, Halloween at the Union Hall is about more than just music. There will be pumpkins to carve, pinatas to smash, apples to bob for (possibly in beer), a costume exchange booth for switching costumes with a friend, hayrides, and a myriad of other spooky treats. DON'T MISS THIS ONE!

For those of you who live far away, get on your broomsticks, and come anyway!!!

I like it raw,
Tim Fite

"Watch Your Mouth - song listing:
"Watch Your Mouth"
"Piece By Piece"
"The Boogie Man"
"That's MY Name"
"We Live Together"
"Hold Shame"

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