Tim Gane is a prolific guy, as are the groups he's involved with (have you looked at Stereolab's discography lately?). His current band, Cavern of Anti-Matter, released their proper debut album earlier this year and they're already following that up with a new EP, I'm the Unknown, which will be out October 14. The title track is a groovy six-minute workout that starts off with a beat that could've been on a No Limit record in 1997 but then warps into more Gane-ful territory. You can watch the far-out video, directed by Sally Sibbet, below.


Meanwhile, Gane has remixed TOY's current single "I'm Still Believing," stretching it out to double its length while going in surprising directions. Says Gane:

When I got the offer of a new TOY song to remix I immediately chose the track "I’m Still Believing." It’s a great pop song and I really love the vocals. I wanted to keep the feel and flow of the song, the catchy melody and synth hook, but I also wanted to change the density and texture of the track; extend it beyond its 3-minute length and take it to some unknown places. Maybe I was expected to do a krautrock-y kind of mix, but it would have been silly to force that on a wonderful slice of British pop.

You can stream that below as well. TOY's new album, Clear Shot, is out October 28 via Heavenly.