We may never know the full story of how and why Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani held a press conference Saturday outside Four Seasons Total Landscaping on an industrial block of Philadelphia that also had an adult bookstore and a crematorium, but it has certainly been fun thinking about it, as one of the more perfect gracenotes on the day when Joe Biden claimed victory as the next President of the United States. Tim Heidecker has been among those pondering it, and turned those thoughts into a new song titled “Rudy At The 4 Seasons.”

Shared via Twitter, it’s a live take, featuring Tim sitting at the piano singing lines like “Standing out in front of a pile of manure / Spitting out lies that belong in the sewer / all while your boss is swinging his head in the sand / he sends you out to make a one last stand / you thought you were headed to a four star hotel / just a couple of miles from the Liberty Bell.”

The chorus goes “Rudy, whatcha gonna do now?” and later in the song he brings up another of Giuliani’s recent embarrassments. “With your hand down your pants maybe you don’t wanna do a hotel?” but also “Maybe next time/ You and your friends can find/ Someplace that isn’t next to a dildo store.”

Tim also notes that the song “would benefit from a full ‘band on the run’ style bombastic production” and tagged Jonathan Rado, who produced Heidecker’s new album Fear of Death. You can listen to “Rudy at the Four Seasons” here:

In other news, Office Hours Live — the weekly podcast with Tim Heidecker, DJ Douggpound, and Vic Berger IV — will be screening DROP CONCERT: THE MOTION PICTURE on Friday, November 20 at 10 PM ET and Saturday, November 21 at 11 PM ET. Here’s the synopsis:

DROP CONCERT: THE MOTION PICTURE captures and reshapes DROP CONCERT, an experimental music performance by DJ Douggpound and Vic Berger IV based on their signature “drops” – obscure soundbites, pop culture audio clips, and their own loops and effects. The event was hosted by Heidecker, who also sat in on keyboard for a section of this fully improvised show. The original performance was streamed live for the Office Hours Patreon community in August 2020 and subsequently turned into DROP CONCERT: THE MOTION PICTURE with animation by Ben Levin.

Following each screening, Heidecker, DJ Douggpound and Vic Berger IV will stick around to answer questions, alongside animator Ben Levin and “very special guest moderators.” Tickets are on sale and you can watch the trailer here:

Need more Heidecker? Moonbase 8, his new comedy series that co-stars Fred Armisen and John C Reilly, just premiered on Showtime, and he’s also got a new standup special, An Evening with Tim Heidecker, that owes more than a little to Andy Kaufman and Neil Hamburger, you can watch via Youtube, below.