Tim Heidecker is one of our foremost Bob Dylan impersonators, having already parodied the new Nobel Prize winner a few times before. Now, following the news that Bob was receiving that prestigious honor, it was only natural that Tim would chime in, and he has, with a fake Bob Dylan song in the form of the hilarious, spot-on "Talkin' Nobel Prize." He's got Dylan's intonations and writerly mannerisms down pat, and the central line "look into my eyes babe and see how I despise the prize" is great.

Meanwhile, the earnest congratulations for Dylan's honor have been pouring in, including a particularly nice one from kindred spirit Tom Waits:

Tom himself is being awarded a prestigious prize this year, as he takes home the PEN Lyric Award along with John Prine and Kathleen Brennan.

Listen to Tim's "Talkin' Nobel Prize," his older "Bob Dylan's Titanic" song, and check out an Apple Music playlist of Tom Waits-related material from his record label, below.

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