Tim Kinsella recently announced that he'd be joining Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach in NYC for a Q&A at the release party for the new 33 1/3 book on Jawbreaker's classic 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. It goes down on April 7 at Murmrr Theatre in Brooklyn, author Ronen Givony will be in the house too, and tickets are on sale.

Tim has now revealed that he'll hang around Brooklyn to play a solo show the next night at C'mon Everbody (4/8). Tickets for that show are on sale now. It appears to be Tim's only upcoming date at the moment.

We interviewed Tim last year before his band Cap'n Jazz and Jawbreaker both played anticipated reunion sets at Riot Fest, and Tim talked a bit about his excitement for Jawbreaker:

I was a huge fan as a kid. And actually the stage we’re playing, the lineup goes us then Dinosaur Jr then Jawbreaker on that stage. I was sitting with [brother/bandmate] Mike [Kinsella] when we got the schedule and he got like, weepy. He was like, “is this real?!” He seriously teared up and he was like “I feel like we’ve made it.” Like those were the biggest bands in the world to us when we were in high school, when Cap’n Jazz actually existed.

Meanwhile, The Jawbreaker reunion finally hits NYC TONIGHT (2/26) at Brooklyn Steel. They also play Tuesday (2/27) and Wednesday (2/28), and all three shows are long sold out.

In between these Jawbreaker shows and the 33 1/3 party, Blake has another NYC appearance, at a live taping of the Going Off Track podcast on March 16 at Knitting Factory, along with Brian Baker (Dag Nasty, Bad Religion, Minor Threat) and Laura Stevenson. The last time Blake was on the Going Off Track podcast, he did a rare performance of a Jets to Brazil song. Will he have any surprises like that in store this time? Get tickets and find out.

In that aforementioned Q&A with Tim Kinsella, he also mentioned that Joan of Arc have a new album on the way and he's reviving his Friend/Enemy moniker for a new project. Stay tuned for both of those things. Meanwhile, watch a video of Cap'n Jazz live in London last year, below.

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