Tim Presley has made a lot of records over the years, with Darker My Love, White Fence and he even survived being a member of the Fall. And while he's made a lot of them (including most of the White Fence LPs) all by himself, he's never released an album under his own name. He will though, when Presley's solo debut, The Wink, is released via Drag on September 16.

The album was produced by Tim's Drinks co-conspirator, Cate Le Bon. who picked the songs from a "deep pile of demos," worked on the arrangements, and kept things nice and skronky. The band for the album includes Warpaint's Stella Mogzawa, and engineer Samur Khouja. If you liked the off-kilter sound of the Drinks LP, you'll probably dig first single "Clues" which you can stream below.

The Wink is available for pre-order now. No word on tour dates. Album art and tracklist are below.


Tim Presley - The Wink tracklist
O'Guardian A 2:01
The Wink 3:16
Can You Blame 2:06
Solitude Cola 3:30
Goldfish Wheelchair 2:52
Long Bow 3:39
Morris 2:10
ER 4:39
Underwater Rain 3:21
Kerouac 3:00
Clue 2:28
Aura Aura 2:25

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