Netherlands leader Timo Ellis is releasing a new four-song solo EP, Death Is Everywhere, next week (2/26), and we're now premiering the second single/title track and its video, which Timo says this about: "A funky sludge/R&B song in 7/8, this song is about how – in my opinion – modern, hyper-individualist, hyper-mediated capitalist life more and more deeply hoodwinks people into confusing nihilism with liberation, and generally how modern post-industrial civilization, contrary to appearances, is functionally a runaway, ecocidal death cult."

"Funky sludge/R&B" is the perfect way to describe this song, as well as previous single "Vampire Rodeo," both of which kinda have a Sabbath-meets-QOTSA thing going on. But as he always does, Timo makes it his own. Listen below. Pre-order here.


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