"TINDERBOX Music Festival aims to create more space for women musicians by bringing together and promoting established and emerging female artists. Rooted in the vibrant New York City music scene, TINDERBOX fosters community by providing opportunities to perform, collaborate, and connect. TINDERBOX donates 100% of net proceeds to organizations involved in giving rise to the next generation of women musicians."

Head over to Southpaw after you're done perusing the Atlantic Antic on Sunday. The Tinderbox Music Fest features 18 female artists on 2 stages and looks like a lot of fun. It kicks off at 3:30pm and will probably run until at least midnight. Advanced tickets are on sale for $17. The full lineup (Bitch, Shipa Ray, Larkin Grimm, Jenny Owen Youngs and many more included) with set times and some videos below...


Maya Solovey- A Escultura Official Music Video

Usher's "U Remind Me" Mal Blum style:

Shilpa Ray

11:00pm Bitch
10:00pm Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers
9:00pm Jenny Owen Youngs
8:00pm Hank and Cupcakes
7:00pm Alyson Greenfield
6:00pm Jessie Murphy In The Woods
5:00pm Kalae All Day
4:15pm Brit & The Calvary
3:30pm Charlene Kaye and The Brilliant Eyes

10:3pm Larkin Grimm
9:30pm Denitia Odigie
8:30pm Maya Solovey
7:30pm Mal Blum
6:30pm Misty Boyce
5:45pm Jennifer Newman
5:10pm Lisa Jaeggi
4:40pm Lachi
4:10pm Allison Tartalia
3:30pm Lara Ewen

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