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Tinsel Teeth at Cake Shop (more by BBG, caution: NSFW)
Tinsel Teeth

"We did talk a lot at an early point in the band about what we wanted to see in a live show. We were all bored with going to shows and not being entertained. Not seeing the package of killer music and rocking the fuck out. So it definitely became a focus for a Tinsel Teeth show to be a party. Once we started playing out, the actual progression show to show to what you see now came pretty naturally. I can say that one of the first 2-3 shows we ever played was at "summercamp" in Providence. After we set up our gear we ran downstairs, took off all our clothes and covered each other in shaving cream. That was a shocked crowd when we came back up and one hell of a show. It's what I believe set the tone for Tinsel Teeth." - Will from Tinsel Teeth

The nutjobs in Tinsel Teeth kicked off a US tour this past weekend, and will return to play NYC at Death By Audio on July 3rd with Satanized and Xaddax. All tour dates below, a new video for "Stock Footage of Stuntmen" and a very NSFW performance from Cake Shop, below...

Tinsel Teeth - Stock Footage of Stuntmen (Official Video)

Tinsel Teeth | NYC @ Cake Shop | 12 Nov 2010

Satanized full set at Less Artists, More Condos 9/27/08

Tue, June 7th @ CSMA in Ithaca, NY
Wed, June 8th @ Now That's Class in Cleveland, OH w/ Pleasure Leftists, Night Birds
Thu, June 9th @ Crown Liquors in Chicago, IL^
Fri, Jun 10th @ E and E's Warehouse in Minneapolis, MN w/ skoal kodiac^
Sat, June 11th @ Mad Ave in Lincoln, NE ^
Sun, June 12th @ Rhinoceropolis in Denver, CO w/ hot white^
Mon, June 13th @ The Compound in Provo, UT^
Wed, June 15th @ Cillanova in Sacramento, CA w/ the burgers^
Thu, June 16th @ TBA in Oakland, CA w/ sister fucker^
Fri, June 17th @ The Cave in San Francisco, CA ^
Sat, June 18th @ The Smell in Los Angeles, CA w/ foot village^
Sun June 19th @ The Soda Bar in San Diego, CA ^
Mon, June 20th @ TBA Palm Springs, CA^
Tues, June 21 @ the Tribe in Phoenix, AZ^
Wed, June 22 @ Badlands in El Paso, TX^
Thurs, June 23 @ Rubber Gloves in Denton, TX^
Fri, June 24 @ the Conservatory in OKC, OK^
Sat, June 25 @ Emo's in Austin, TX ^
Sun, June 26 @ The Mink in Houston, TX^
Monday, June 27 @ Siberia in New Orleans, LA*
Tuesday June 28 @ The Farside Collective in Tallahassee, FL*
Wed. June 29 @ TBA in Macon, GA - MATINEE SHOW*
Wed. June 29 @ Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta GA *
Thursday, June 30 @ CFBG's in Greensboro, NC*
Friday July 1 @ The 5th Dimension in Baltimore, MD *
Saturday July 2 @ Kung Fu Necktie in Philly, PA *
Sunday July 3 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY*

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