Former Guided by Voices member Tobin Sprout is gearing up to release his first album in seven years. Titled The Universe And Me, the record found Sprout digging through his post -- both memories and unused demos/songs. It's the latter for the first single "Future Boy Today/Man Of Tomorrow," which he originally was saving for GvB. Listen (via Stereogum) here:

The Universe and Me is out February 3 on Burger and pre-order are available. Burger will also be reissuing Sprout's '90s solo albums Carnival Boy and Moonflower Plastic, both of which were originally on Matador. You can also look for a 2017 tour as well, details TBA.

Tracklist for The Universe and Me:

01 “Future Boy Today/Man Of Tomorrow”
02 “The Universe And Me”
03 “A Walk Across The Human Bridge”
04 “Manifest Street”
05 “Honor Guard”
06 “When I Was A Boy”
07 “Cowboy Curtains”
08 “Heavenly Bones”
09 “Heart Of Wax”
10 “I Fall You Fall”
11 “Tomorrow From Heaven”
12 “Just One Kid (Takes On The World)”
13 “To Wake Up June”
14 “Future Boy (Reprise)”