Here's some holiday cheer: Glenn Danzig went viral this week after his girlfriend, Ashley Michelle Wisdom, posted a picture of him wrapping Christmas presents. The photo was taken down but it turns out the gift was for us in the form of memes that came out of it, with photoshoppers swapping out the gift (which looked like it was maybe a vinyl record) for all sorts of other stuff, including an Etch-a-Sketch, fudge and a friendly game of Monopoly with Lars Ulrich. You can check those out over at Metal Sucks and below.

In other news, you may remember Danzig released Verotika, his debut feature film as a writer/director, in 2019 which was based on three stories from his erotic horror Verotik comic line. (You can watch it on streaming service Shudder.) He's already finishing up work on his second feature which is titled Death Rider in the House of Vampires and should be out next year.

There's not a lot of info on the film, which has been described as a vampire spaghetti western, but the cast includes Devon Sawa, who played Stan in Eminem's "Stan" video (and was in Final Destination, SLC Punk, Slackers, Idle Hands and played human Casper in Casper as a teen and was just in that Fred Durst-directed movie with John Travolta last year and other films) as Death Rider, plus Danny Trejo (Con Air, Machete), Julian Sands (A Room with a View, Boxing Helena),  Kim Director (HBO's The Deuce) and Danzig himself, as well as small roles with Fear's Lee Ving, horror director Eli Roth, adult film actor Tasha Reign, and Kansas Bowling.

Bloody Disgusting has posted a couple exclusive pictures from the film -- one with Devon Sawa and Tasha Reign that Danzig describes as “That is Devon Sawa as Death Rider and the Virgin Girl on the horse...Dawn is approaching and they are heading to sanctuary.” The other is with Sawa and Kim Director in a moment of blood lust.

As for what the film's about, no synopsis has been given yet but Bloody Disgusting reports that at a screening in Los Angeles, Danzig said “Everybody in the movie is a vampire. So, you won’t have to wait around to see the vampire. They’re all fucking vampires!” Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Devon approves of Pete Davidson's portrayal of him in SNL's recent "Stan" parody:

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