In honor of Digital Underground's Shock G, who died at age 57 earlier this year, the Oakland, CA City Council has declared August 25 (Shock G's birthday) Digital Underground Day in the group's hometown of Oakland.

"The shockwaves produced by Shock G and digital underground continue to reverberate across the globe with its epicenter right here in Oakland," Oakland City Councilmember Loren Taylor said in a press release. "Their significant influence on Oakland's arts, culture, and music scene is unquestionable just like their positive impact on so many lives of people of all cultures and generations."

Oakland City Councilmember Carroll Fife adds, "I am excited to be celebrating digital underground Day and am honored to be associated with the resolution that established this day. digital underground's achievements and cultural contributions to the arts community, particularly in Oakland, cannot be understated. Their creative vision and artistic brilliance was instrumental in bringing global attention to Oakland arts and entertainment. Commemorating these cultural achievements by Black artists reflects the rich history and extensive variety of Black artistic expression. This is the beauty and brilliance of Black creatives. It is an important contribution and legacy that I want to support and see thrive."

Digital Underground's Money B said, "As a young adult I began exploring the world for the first time with my musical brother, Shock G, and digital underground. To now be honored and acknowledged by the city I have loved and acknowledged my whole life and to share this honor every year on Shock G's birthday with the digital family is surreal."

There were also events honoring Shock G in Oakland this past weekend, and a "Shock G Forever" beer was launched (which is now sold out). Learn more at

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