After teasing it for a while, they've finally announced the deluxe edition of Tom Petty's 1994 solo album Wildflowers, which is titled Wildflowers & All the Rest and will be out October 16 via Warner Brothers.

Wildflowers was originally submitted as a 25-song double-CD, but got whittled down to 15 songs and a single disc for release. There's a lot of "all the rest," including those 10 tracks that didn't make the cut (like "There Goes Angela"), plus solo demos, live performances, alternate versions and more. There are a few different version of the set available, from three-vinyl-album / two-CD Standard Editions up to a seven-vinyl-album / five-CD Super Deluxe Editions, and a nine-vinyl-album Ultra Deluxe Edition that will set you back $499.

The compilation was curated by Tom’s daughters, Adria and Annakim Petty and his wife Dana Petty. They call it “Many, many hours of pure sonic joy.” Heartbreakers members Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench were also involved and it was produced by Petty's longtime engineer and co-producer Ryan Ulyate.

With the announcement they've shared a solo demo version of Wildflowers' title track which you can listen to below.

You can also check out the tracklist and details for the different versions of Wildflowers & All the Rest below.


Wildflowers & All The Rest:
A 2-CD and 3-LP 140g set that features 25 tracks, with five unreleased songs. Includes lyrics to all the songs on Wildflowers and All The Rest.
Disc 1: Wildflowers (15 tracks, as per the 1994 released album)
Disc 2: All The Rest (10 tracks—five unreleased songs)
LP 1 and 2: Wildflowers
LP 3: All The Rest


Wildflowers & All The Rest—Deluxe Edition:
A 4-CD and 7-LP 140g set that features 54 tracks, eight unreleased songs and 24 unreleased versions. The 4-CD includes the Rick Rubin introduction, track-by-track for all the songs included on these formats, while the 7-LP also includes the David Fricke essay and lyrics to all the songs on Wildflowers and All The Rest.
Disc 1: Wildflowers
Disc 2: All The Rest
Disc 3: Home Recordings/Demos (15 tracks—three unreleased songs; 12 unreleased versions)
Disc 4: Wildflowers Live (14 tracks—12 unreleased versions; two distributed to Fan Club only)
LP 1 and 2: Wildflowers
LP 3: All The Rest
LP 4 and 5: Home Recordings/Demos
LP 6 and 7: Wildflowers Live


Wildflowers & All The Rest—Super Deluxe Edition:
A 5-CD and 9-LP 180g Direct to Consumer, Limited Edition set that features 70 tracks, nine unreleased songs and 34 unreleased versions. Includes Rick Rubin introduction, David Fricke essay, track-by-track for all music and lyrics to all the songs on Wildflowers and All The Rest. This set also comes with a hardbound book, cloth patch of Wildflowers logo, sticker of Wildflowers logo, replica of “Dogs with Wings” tour program (the 1995 Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers tour), handwritten 4-song lyric reprints in vellum envelope, a litho of new and exclusive art by Blaze Ben Brooks for the song “Only A Broken Heart,” and a (numbered) Certificate of Authenticity.
Disc 1: Wildflowers
Disc 2: All The Rest
Disc 3: Home Recordings/Demos
Disc 4: Wildflowers Live
Disc 5: Alternate Takes (Finding Wildflowers) (16 tracks—one unreleased song;
ten unreleased versions)

LP 1 and 2: Wildflowers
LP 3: All The Rest
LP 4 and 5: Home Recordings/Demos
LP 6 and 7: Wildflowers Live
LP 8 and 9: Alternate Takes (Finding Wildflowers)


Wildflowers & All The RestUltra Deluxe Limited EditionA 9-LP Direct to Consumer, Limited Edition set (only 475 copies will be sold). The package includes the same contents as the Super Deluxe Edition, as well as an exclusive unique unisex necklace—hand-made by Maria Sarno in a faux suede pouch, an exclusive lyric book with the illustrations by Blaze Ben Brooks, an exclusive 7” of “You Don’t Know How It Feels,” packaged in a custom fabric bag with a metal Wildflowers logo as the closuredesigned and made by Los Angeles-based, Made Worn.


DISC 1: Wildflowers
1. Wildflowers
2. You Don’t Know How It Feels
3. Time to Move On
4. You Wreck Me
5. It’s Good to Be King
6. Only a Broken Heart
7. Honey Bee
8. Don’t Fade on Me
9. Hard on Me
10. Cabin Down Below
11. To Find a Friend
12. A Higher Place
13. House in the Woods
14. Crawling Back to You
15. Wake Up Time

DISC 2: All The Rest
1. Something Could Happen
2. Leaving Virginia Alone
3. Climb That Hill Blues
4. Confusion Wheel
5. California
6. Harry Green
7. Hope You Never
8. Somewhere Under Heaven
9. Climb That Hill
10. Hung Up and Overdue

DISC 3: Home Recordings
1. There Goes Angela (Dream Away)
2. You Don’t Know How It Feels
3. California
4. A Feeling of Peace
5. Leave Virginia Alone
6. Crawling Back to You
7. Don’t Fade on Me
8. Confusion Wheel
9. A Higher Place
10. There’s a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel)
11. To Find a Friend
12. Only a Broken Heart
13. Wake Up Time
14. Hung Up and Overdue
15. Wildflowers

DISC 4: Wildflowers Live
1. You Don’t Know How It Feels
2. Honey Bee
3. To Find a Friend
4. Walls
5. Crawling Back to You
6. Cabin Down Below
7. Drivin’ Down to Georgia
8. House in the Woods
9. Girls on LSD
10. Time to Move On
11. Wake Up Time
12. It’s Good to Be King
13. You Wreck Me
14. Wildflowers

DISC 5: Alternate Versions (Finding Wildflowers)
*Note: only available on 9-LP and 5-CD formats*
1. A Higher Place
2. Hard on Me
3. Cabin Down Below
4. Crawling Back to You
5. Only a Broken Heart
6. Drivin’ Down to Georgia
7. You Wreck Me
8. It’s Good to Be King
9. House in the Woods
10. Honey Bee
11. Girl on LSD
12. Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)
13. Wildflowers
14. Don’t Fade on Me
15. Wake Up Time
16. You Saw Me Comin’

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