Tomas Barfod

Danish "dance music polymath" Tomas Barfod, who we recently sugguested you 'check out', has announced he is now part of the Secretly Canadian family who will release a single for "Pulsing" on 2/18 of this year. The label writes:

As well as the lovely squelching electro-pop "Pulsing" featuring long-term collaborator Nina Kinert, the B-side features former Charles & Eddie legend Eddie Chacon on the twitching mesh of synths that is "Happy." Rounded off with the enigmatic instrumentals "Tea Cup" and "Value Feint," "Pulsing" effortlessly pushes and pulls dance and electronic music into a myriad of different shapes.

You can listen to "Pulsing" below and stay tuned for more info on a full length release scheduled for the Spring.

Tomas has only one show scheduled at the moment and it's at Eurosonic in Europe. He also drums for WhoMadeWho, who recently put out a new video and have an album on the way, but who also have no upcoming tour to speak of at the moment.


single track listing:
Pulsing (feat. Nina K)
Tea Cup
Happy (feat. Eddie Chacon)
Value of Feint
Pulsing (J£ZUS MILLION remix)
01/17/14 Groningen, NL - Eurosonic @ Simplon (onstage 8.45pm)