Tomberlin returned with her great sophomore album, i don't know who needs to hear this..., in 2022, and we included it in our list of 15 great folk albums from the year. She spent much of 2022 touring supporting it, including shows with Tegan and Sara and Angel Olsen. Before we get too far into 2023, Tomberlin made us a list of her favorite albums of the year that was, including Big Thief, Aldous Harding, Friendship, and more. Read her choices, complete with commentary, below.

Tomberlin has a few shows coming up, including a rescheduled NYC date with Palehound on January 13 at Baby's All Right. See all dates below.


Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You
A band at their best because they are simply Vibing. I think the disjointed nature with various producers really works. It makes the album feel like a planet with varying landscapes and textures. But it works. It’s like alien country folk rock. I think it’s their best record yet. 

Cate Le Bon - Pompeii
I think Cate is an undercover pop star. Catchy melodies and hooks. Vocal delivery and slippery lines that you unravel more upon each listen. J’adore. Obsessed with the sax on this record. I guess it is like …a looping effects situation. IDK but it slaps. One of my top 3 shows of 2022. Even though I got attacked on my way to the train leaving this show. rip. lol. 

MJ Lenderman - Boat Songs
We all know Jake is a star. One of my favorite guitarists right now. This record is smart and funny and sad. Also one of my favorite shows this year at the Pour House during Hopscotch Fest. Love these freaks. 

Rosalía - Motomami
I mean. Bop after bop. But also the slower bangers truly fuck me up. I listened to "Hentai" on repeat walking many miles from my Bed-Stuy apartment across the Williamsburg Bridge into the city simply crying my eyes out to this song. Excellent production. 

Aldous Harding - Warm Chris
I love when artists reign their sound in to a dissonant sort of minimal place. I feel like Aldous knows she can go hard and she showed some …teeth with holding back on the production on this record so the sounds and the lyrics and her voice really slap you in the face. Big fan. King. 

Allegra Krieger - Precious Thing
My friend told me about this record and I was Blown. Away. The first song opens with this gorgeous guitar / string situation. The feeling is like …leaning in and out and peering over. Anticipation builds waiting for a voice. It takes almost 2 minutes I think for Allegra to start singing but when she does it she Does It. Beautiful guitar / vocal melodies. Lyrics that float around in your brain in a shimmery haunted way. Love love love this record. Everyone buy go her music I am shocked more people haven’t heard this record. 

Disq - Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet
These freaks made a perfect record and also I am still getting friends asking me “who is this” when I’m playing it in my car. Come on guys. I love that they divided some song writing tasks / singing on this record.
Highlight addictive songs : "Cujo Kiddies" / "Prize Contest Life" 

Marina Allen - Centrifics
I was late to this record but it is truly gorgeous. Marina has an amazing classic voice that reminds me of like …Carole King and Aimee Mann?  But she is not, she is Marina Allen and she is a star, IMO. These songs just sound classic and timeless and I feel like that is rare when a record can feel that way in 2022. 

Dear Nora - Human Futures
Ugh. Addicting ear worm songs. Fun harmonies. Love the bass lines. Love how warm sounding this record is. Like the audio version of a weighted blanket. Chef’s kiss. 

Friendship - Love The Stranger
Dan is a poet and a songwriter. The two are different things but he manages to make the words count and the music kind of weaves a path that allows the words to sink deep fast and hard. It’s a gift and you can tell he’s working to make it count and it indeed doth. 


Jan 13 Fri Baby's All Right Brooklyn, NY, United States
Jan 18 Wed Schubas Chicago, IL, United States

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