The eighth episode of the new Twin Peaks broke with the format of the previous episodes, in that it featured no bands performing at The Roadhouse, but this week the venue welcomed what had to be a great get for such a tiny place: Nine Inch Nails. (Or as the MC at the Bang Bang Bar called them, "'The' Nine Inch Nails.") Their scene also came early in the episode (about 12 minutes in), instead of during the closing credits. They perform "She's Gone Away" from last year's Not the Actual Events, a song that's dark and harrowing much like the weird scene that preceded it in the episode (and the many after, this was some episode). You can watch the scene, and listen to the studio version of "She's Gone Away" below.

Twin Peaks takes Independence Day Weekend off, so no new episode next Sunday. Nine Inch Nails, meanwhile, have a few festival dates this summer, including Panorama in NYC (win passes) as well as FYF Fest in Los Angeles, Riot Fest in Chicago and Aftershock in Sacramento. Dates are listed below.


Nine Inch Nails - 2017 Tour Dates
Jul 23 FYF Fest Los Angeles, CA
Jul 30 Panorama Festival Brooklyn, NY
Sep 15 Riot Fest Chicago, IL
Oct 22 Aftershock Festival Sacramento, CA

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