Tool finally announced the title of their long-awaited new album, their first in 13 years. We already knew it was coming out on August 30, and now we know it's called Fear Inoculum.

UPDATE: Tool also promise "Album Art, Lead Track, and Pre-Order info TBA. Thank you for your patience."

Frontman Maynard James Keenan appears on The Joe Rogan Experience today, and as he wrote on Twitter, he'll be "making some long awaited announcements. You should look into it." Stay tuned!

During their most recent run of tour dates, Tool debuted a new song, "Invincible," that perhaps we can expect to see on the Fear Inoculum track list... when it surfaces.

Tool have been posting album covers to their Instagram account over the past week, and their next piece of news may explain why: on August 2, "the Tool catalog goes up on all digital and streaming formats. High five," the band writes. Until now, Tool have been one of the biggest bands on the small list of big bands refusing to stream their music, but rumors of that changing have been floating around for a while. It made news in early May when suddenly there were official Tool profiles on Spotify and Apple Music, and it was news again a few weeks ago when their 1991 demo started streaming, though that didn't last; a day or two later, the demo was gone again.

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