by Black Bubblegum


Torche's 10,000 lb cupcake, the new album Meanderthal, smashes it's way on to shelves today. Meander, it does not: Torche gets right to the point with pop songs masked in massive waves of chunky distortion, yet like it's other namesake, Meanderthal clubs us over the head with doom riffs heavy enough to please even the most die hard of Corrupted fans. Definitely, their best yet.

Don't believe me? Stream the whole damn thing.

Download a single track at Paper Thin Walls.

Torche is playing Music Hall Of Williamsburg with The Sword, and tickets are still on sale. It's part of a much bigger tour. Check out a recent live video below....

Torche - Assassin (Floor cover)/ Charge of the Brown Recluse

The first track is a FLOOR cover and the 2nd track is from their S/T album. filmed at Double-Wide in Dallas on 03/16/2008, w. parts and labor, shooting spires and pterodactyl.


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