Tori Amos' groundbreaking debut album Little Earthquakes turned 30 in January, and to celebrate she's teamed up with Z2 Comics on Little Earthquakes: The Graphic Album. It's the sequel to 2008's Comic Book Tattoo, which collects 51 stories inspired by her songs from different authors and artists; this collection features 24 stories, inspired by the 12 songs on Little Earthquakes and the 12 b-sides associated with the album and its singles. Rantz Hosley, who also edited Comic Book Tattoo, is assembling it, and he says, "Having been present during the writing of many of these songs, I can tell you they are inextricably bound to comics. They were on the early demo cassette that I snuck to Neil Gaiman at the San Diego Comic Con in 1991, telling him ‘this is my friend, she sings about you, please don’t sue her.’ It’s been too long since Comic Book Tattoo, and it’s truly a pleasure to get to make comics with Tori again.”

"To have some of the most creative graphic artists interpret the songs from Little Earthquakes, is a true honor," Tori says. "I enjoyed working with Rantz on Comic Book Tattoo so much that when he contacted me about putting something together for the 30th Anniversary, I had no hesitation. Artwork is such an important part of my musical world and to see these songs come to life in graphic form is such a joy."

Contributors include Neil Gaiman, writing about, what else, "Tear In Your Hand," with artist Bilquis Evely (The Dreaming); Margaret Atwood, taking on "Silent All These Years," with art by David Mack (Kabuki); plus Leah Moore, Colleen Doran, Derek McCulloch, Lar deSouza, Annie Zaleski, Marc Andreyko, Cat Mihos, Neil Kleid, Alison Sampson, with more to be announced.

Little Earthquakes: The Graphic Novel is available on its own as an 8"x8" hardcover (pre-order); a Deluxe Edition, limited to 1450 units, which comes with an oversized 12"x12" copy of the book, vinyl releases of Little Earthquakes, the previously unavailable vinyl picture disc of Little Earthquakes: The B Sides, and 12"x12" art prints by Jason Levesque, KAKO, and David Mack (pre-order); and a Platinum Artists Edition, limited to 500 copies, which includes a signed and numbered 12"x12" copy of the graphic novel in foil embossed hardcover, vinyl copies of Little Earthquakes and the b-sides picture disc vinyl, art prints by Jason Levesque and KAKO, a print of the book cover signed by David Mack and Tori, and a sketchbook/diary, packaged in a die-cut clamshell collectors box (pre-order).

Speaking of Tori, she begins a North American tour supporting her 2021 album Ocean to Ocean in April.

Tori Amos Little Earthquakes the Graphic Novel

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