Tori Amos is releasing her fifteenth studio album, Native Invader, on September 8 via Decca; now she's shared the first single, "Cloud Riders," which you can listen to below, via NPR. Native Invader follows 2014's Unrepentant Geraldines, which was Tori's return to pop music after spending time working on classical projects, and it looks like Native Invaders is continuing that. From the beginning of "Cloud Riders," the piano for which Tori is known takes a backseat to guitar. The lyrics touch on storms, natural disasters, and how the heals after them, which Tori has mentioned are central to this album. Thunder gods and chariots pulled by cats show up along the way too.

Tori has also revealed the track list for Native Invader, which you can see below. She goes on tour in North America beginning in October, including November 7 and 8 at Beacon Theatre in NYC (tickets). Before that tour begins, Tori will appear in conversation with Jillian Mapes at Pitchfork's "In Sight Out" series at Murmrr Theatre, which is now sold out.

Tori's 1992 debut, the classic Little Earthquakes, recently appeared on NPR's list of 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women.


Native Invader
Reindeer King
Broken Arrow
Cloud Riders
Up the Creek
Chocolate Song
Mary's Eyes