Toronto shoegazers Bliss Fields (fka iris) recently signed to Acrobat Unstable and put out an expanded re-release of their self-titled EP, and now they've announced their first new album for the label, Slowly, Forever. The first single is "Clementine," a lovely mix of tender dream pop melodies and wall-of-sound shoegazy guitars, and we're premiering its video, shot by the band and Finn Lovell.

"I started writing Slowly, Forever in 2014 at 19 years old," guitarist/vocalist Scott Downes tells us. "I had this idea in my head to make some grandiose sounding shoegaze album that felt like you were listening to a movie. We went through so many line up changes while I was writing and I felt like it was never going to be finished. Meg stumbled into my life and helped me finish the writing portion of the record, and added their touches to everything. I'm so proud of how hard we worked, and how far we've come and I hope everyone listening enjoys what I believe to be, the best music we've ever written."

Check out the new song/video below...


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