Jeremy Bolm just recently released a very good debut album with his band Hesitation Wounds, and now his band Touche Amore have announced their fourth album, Stage Four. It comes out on September 16, and they've moved from Deathwish to Epitaph for this one. The first single, "Palm Dreams," is exactly the kind of cathartic post-hardcore that you expect from Touche Amore, but there's also new ground explored here. For the first time in their career (not counting cover songs), they're using a heavy dose of cleanly sung vocals and harmonies. It's good stuff, and you can check it out below (via NPR).

The album was produced by Brad Wood, who also did their great 2013 album Is Survived By, and it includes a song featuring Julien Baker.


1. Flowers and You
2. New Halloween
3. Rapture
4. Displacement
5. Benediction
6. Eight Seconds
7. Palm Dreams
8. Softer Spoken
9. Posing Holy
10. Water Damage
11. Skyscraper (featuring Julien Baker)

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