When Touche Amore announced their fourth album, Stage Four, they revealed that the closing track "Skyscraper" would feature vocalist Jeremy Bolm dueting with the great, quickly-rising singer Julien Baker. Now that song is finally here to stream, and it's got Jeremy mostly using somber clean vocals, rather than his trademark scream. Check it out:

Jeremy also talked to Ian Cohen for SPIN about the new album, and they touch on the very tragic catalyst for this album: the passing of Jeremy's mother:

And while death looms as the most common of all denominators, Stage Four is packed with unmistakable biographic detail — Bolm’s mother Sandy died on Halloween of 2014 while Touché Amoré was onstage at Fest 13 in Gainesville, Florida. The exact moment where Bolm finds out is detailed in “Eight Seconds,” where the frontman gets a text saying, “We need to talk when you have a chance.” Rather than following through, he shakes hands with fans and talks shop. When he finally works up the nerve to call back, Bolm is told, “She passed away about an hour ago / While you were onstage living the dream.”

Read more of the sad, powerful story here.

Touche, who we just caught at Wrecking Ball (twice), have more shows coming up, including NYC with Hum and Basement.

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