Touche Amore haven't released an album since 2013's great Is Survived By, but vocalist Jeremy Bolm is now set to release the first full length with his other band Hesitation Wounds. It follows their 2013 self-titled debut EP. If you're not familiar, the band has a pretty impressive lineup: The Hope Conspiracy guitarist Neeraj Kane, former Trap Them bassist Stephen "Scuba" LaCour, and former Against Me! (and current Slipknot) drummer Jay Weinberg. The record's called Awake For Everything, and it's due May 27 via 6131 Records, the same label that put out the first Touche Amore album (Hesitation Wounds' EP was on Jeremy's own Secret Voice label).

The lead single is "Teeth," which is unsurprisingly a ripper and it's also a lot heavier than what Touche were doing on their last album. The metallic edge of Trap Them certainly comes through here, but Jeremy's delivery is cutting as ever. "I'm dying to see what's next, for now I'll just feel the effects," he shouts before the song abruptly cuts off. It's a mic drop that wouldn't have felt out of place on Is Survived By, and it feels equally effective here too. Listen below.


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